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  1. Hong Kong protest June 27

    Fresh rallies in Hong Kong as protesters defy extradition Bill

  2. hong kong protests - Protesters attach barricades

    Hong Kong protesters urge G20 to raise plight with China

  3. A man uses mobile phone to listen to a news conference, as people gather to wait for a government a

    Commentary: Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s steely leader meets her match

    The flood of protests has forced the Hong Kong chief executive to retreat from a serious blunder, say the Financial Times' Tom Mitchell and ...
  4. Staff try to clean off the marks from thrown eggs and anti-extradition graffiti on the walls of the

    Hong Kong police vow to pursue HQ siege protesters

  5. Hong Kong protestors in masks and goggles

    Commentary: Behind Hong Kong’s extradition bill protests – a looming divide, growing pessimism about the future

    The outcry against Hong Kong's extradition bill against a backdrop of warning confidence in city institutions show much work will be needed to ...
  6. Pro-democracy lawmakers hold five minutes of silence in the Legislative Council

    Hong Kong lawmakers grill security chief over protest violence

  7. Taiwan flags near protesters attending a demonstration in Hong Kong on Jun 16

    Many in Hong Kong, fearful of China's grasp, flee to Taiwan

  8. Hong Kong protesters attend a demonstration on Jun 17

    Sing Hallelujah To The Lord, an unlikely anthem of Hong Kong protests