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  1. Protesters throw petrol bomb outside the Tsuen Wan police station in Hong Kong on Oct 2, 2019

    Hong Kong protesters rampage as police call for curfew

    Hong Kong anti-government demonstrators clashed with police into the early hours of Thursday, venting their anger over a policeman's shooting and ...
  2. People post handbills and notes to help create a new "Lennon Wall"

    Hong Kong protesters rebuild Lennon Walls ahead of China National Day

    Hong Kong protesters were planning to rebuild "Lennon Walls" of anti-government graffiti on Saturday (Sep 28) as they mark the fifth anniversary ...
  3. Anti-government demonstration in Hong Kong

    Amnesty accuses Hong Kong police of arbitrary arrests, torture

    Amnesty International accused Hong Kong police on Friday of torture and other abuses in their handling of more than three months of protests, but ...
  4. Demonstrators sing Glory to Hong Kong at Times Square shopping mall

    Hong Kong protesters plan mall sit-ins on Saturday after hill-top human chains

    Activists in Hong Kong plan to stage sit-ins at shopping malls on Saturday (Sep 14) after a night in which protesters took to the hills to form ...
  5. Local residents sing a theme song written by protesters Glory To Hong Kong at a shopping mall

    Mid-Autumn Festival lantern protests to light up Hong Kong, protesters to target MTR

    Hong Kong activists will combine anti-government protests with lantern celebrations marking the Mid-Autumn Festival this weekend after a brief ...
  6. Hong Kong struggles to curb with violent protests | Video
    Media playtime

    Hong Kong struggles to curb with violent protests | Video

    Hong Kong authorities have appealed to the public to help them curb the city violence in recent months. Despite Chief Executive Carrie Lam's ...