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  1. A sign advertising the online seller Etsy Inc. is seen outside the Nasdaq market site in Times Squa

    Etsy to buy Gen-Z focused fashion marketplace Depop for US$1.63 billion

    Etsy Inc said on Wednesday it would acquire Depop, a privately-held fashion marketplace, for US$1.63 billion, as the online seller looks to ...
  2. 15 Jan 2021
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    CNA Correspondent: Communist Millennials

    30 years since the fall of the Soviet Union, only a handful of communist states remain. How are millennials in these countries navigating an ...
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    Ep 1: Should We Be Afraid Of TikTok?

    Why would the US and India even try to ban a platform for silly videos? And why would such a ban hit India's rural poor? Is there more to TikTok ...
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    Ep 2: Gen Z... @Play

    Gen Zs want fun. Lots of fun. But Gen Zs are also serious about their fun and getting them to open their wallets won't be easy. What will it take?
  5. OTRD ep 20 - pro gamer
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    Ep 20: How To Be A Pro Gamer

    In the fast-paced world of esports, two young mobile gamers, Du Zhen Xiong and Amos Ker, must battle fierce rivals, family pressure and exams to ...
  6. OTRD #21 Stills_Caption 4
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    Ep 21: How To Turn Slime & Sneakers Into Money

    What do slime and sneakers have in common? They're both money-spinners for two 16-year-olds! Jia Xin and Remus are 16 and having the time of their ...