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  1. A bust of George Floyd, the Black man killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, was unveiled on

    US marks slavery's end on new 'Juneteenth' national holiday

    With marches, music and speeches, Americans on Saturday celebrated "Juneteenth", the newly declared national holiday that marks the end of slavery ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Reaction to the verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin

    Sport renews commitment to social justice on Floyd death anniversary

    Athletes and US sporting bodies renewed their commitment to the fight for social change and racial justice on Tuesday, the first anniversary of ...
  3. Brittany and Brookyln Elmore pose for a portrait in Houston

    Protest and reflection: A year after the death of George Floyd

    Bettye and Robert Freeman were sitting in their Boston living room when they heard the clamor on the street outside.
  4. George Floyd Officer Trial Juror

    Chauvin juror defends participation in Washington protest

    One of the jurors who convicted Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd on Monday (May 3) defended his participation in a protest last summer ...
  5. George Floyd  Immigrant Activists

    US protests reveal generational divide in immigrant communities

    When protests began in a Minneapolis suburb after a white police officer fatally shot a black man, 21-year-old Fatumata Kromah took to the street, ...
  6. Racial Injustice Minority Legislators

    US minority legislators sense moment to pass 'bold' legislation

    In July after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, black and Latino members of the Connecticut General Assembly worked to enact sweeping ...
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: George Floyd’s verdict must lead to changes in policing and justice

    It isn’t just the way police officers are recruited, trained and errors handled that needs to change – it is also the way justice is served, says ...