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    Remove IVF age limit, reduce pre-school costs for young families: PAP Women’s Wing

  2. Getai celebrity Liu Ling Ling was one of those who conceived in Johor Bahru.

    Why Singaporean women are going to Johor to make babies

    What's pushing Singaporean women to cross the Causeway to seek fertility treatment in Johor Bahru? Talking Point investigates.
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    IVF tied to slight increased risk of rare childhood cancers: Study

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    Commentary: A big decision, what to expect when you go for IVF

    In vitro fertilisation treatment depends on your infertility diagnosis, and undertaking it can impact you in many ways, healthcare experts Hannah ...
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    Other factors may explain preterm births associated with IVF

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    IVF doctors should scratch technique for improving pregnancy rates

  7. FILE PHOTO:  Doctor Katarzyna Koziol injects sperm directly into an egg during IVF procedure called

    IVF kids may have higher risk of high blood pressure

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    Commentary: Should Singapore allow healthy women to freeze their eggs?

    Two healthcare and social work experts discuss whether it’s time for Singapore to review its stance on egg freezing.