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  1. 30 accidents involving PMDs, pedestrians on public paths in first 9 months of 2017

    From January to September last year, there were a total of 30 accidents involving personal mobility devices (PMDs) and pedestrians on public ...
  2. PM Lee on overseas leave

  3. Commentary: An inter-agency committee to deal with MRT tunnel flooding? This sounds familiar

    Singapore has a penchant for forming taskforces and committees to deal with crisis and issues of national concern, but such solutions are not a ...
  4. LTA, PUB set up committee on tunnel flood prevention

  5. Self-driving buses, shuttles to be tested in 3 towns from 2022

    The towns will be planned with autonomous vehicle-friendly features, says Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.
  6. Commentary: Focus SMRT’s recovery on dealing with delays and disruptions decisively

    SMRT’s efforts to address the tunnel flooding incident are laudable but the company should focus on productive ways to manage future delays and ...