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  1. A man clashes with Turkish Police detaining activists supporting Bogazici University students

    Heavy clashes at Turkey student protests

    Turkish police fired tear gas Tuesday and chased protesters down narrow Istanbul street as weeks of student protests against President Recep ...
  2. Students of Bogazici University protest against a new rector and detention of their friends in Ista

    Twitter says Turkish minister's LGBT comments about protesters 'hateful conduct'

    Turkey's interior minister on Tuesday condemned protesters at a top Istanbul university as "LGBT deviants" in a statement which Twitter deemed as ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: People take part in the Gay Pride Parade in front of the Colosseum in Rome.

    Italy's lower house of parliament approves bill protecting LGBT+ community

    Italy's lower house of parliament on Wednesday passed an anti-discrimination bill that makes violence against women and LGBT+ people a hate crime, ...