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  1. Revisiting Indonesia's Disaster Zones
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    Ep 22: Revisiting Indonesia's Disaster Zones

    Almost a year has passed since a string of earthquakes rocked the Indonesian island of Lombok in Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara province and Palu in ...
  2. Indonesia’s Lombok island determined to boost tourism after earthquakes | Video
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    Indonesia’s Lombok island determined to boost tourism after earthquakes | Video

    Last year’s earthquakes in Lombok brought tourism in the Indonesian resort island to its knees. Recovery has been slow, but those whose livelihood ...
  3. Lombok earthquake one year on | Video
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    Lombok earthquake one year on | Video

    More than 500 people were killed and 150,000 left homeless in a series of earthquakes that rocked the island of Lombok in Indonesia in August 2018.
  4. Amanwana, Indonesia Deer at Restaurant

    Glamping on a remote Indonesian island: Where the deer and the macaques play

    A city boy journeyed to the lush Amanwana glamping grounds of Moyo Island – and discovered how nature can sometimes sound like a rubber chicken.
  5. Devastation after earthquakes hit Lombok on Mar 17

    2 dead, dozens of tourists trapped after landslides in Lombok

  6. gili Singaporean Suyi clean up

    Gili island quake: The Singaporean girl who stayed put to help

    Ignoring the dangers, dive instructor Tay Suyi and other foreigners helped the injured and stayed behind to clean up and rebuild, even as ...
  7. pemenang village lombok earthquake aftermath

    Commentary: Lombok's earthquakes reveal urgent need to prepare for the next shock

    The most recent Lombok earthquake sequence complicates prediction of when the next shock might hit the area, says one expert from the Earth ...