maritime dispute

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  1. Johor straits

    Maritime dispute: Malaysia has taken steps to de-escalate tensions, 1 ship left in Singapore waters, says Khaw

  2. Seletar Airport file photo

    Malaysia 'seems to be using technical excuse’ to change airspace arrangements: Singapore's Khaw Boon Wan

  3. The Singapore Strait is one of the world's busiest commercial shipping routes and vital to the

    Escalatory actions by Malaysia 'unnecessary and provocative': Workers' Party

  4. Mahathir Dec 8, 2018

    Malaysia welcomes talks with Singapore on maritime dispute: Mahathir

  5. Straits of Singapore

    Maritime dispute: ‘Risk of escalation cannot be underestimated’, says Chan Chun Sing in call for calm

    Singapore welcomes talks with Malaysia to find a “swift and amicable resolution”, but is open to seeking recourse through an "appropriate ...