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    Commentary: What would Seoul look like if Park Geun-hye wasn't impeached?

    President Moon Jae-in is determined to deepens and reinforce civilian authority over security forces, which is a healthy exercise of democracy in ...
  2. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: Why North Korea is turning into a headache for China and Xi Jinping

    With North Korea speeding up its nuclear programme development and with less leverage with key countries in the Six-Party Talks, China is in a ...
  3. A North Korean soldier looks at the South side at the truce village of Panmunjom

    Four things to know about North and South Korea

    An expert sheds light on the history, culture and politics of the two Koreas.
  4. Moon Jae In

    Commentary: What got Moon Jae In elected as South Korea's new president?

    Fixing the South Korean economy and cleaning up the government seemed to factor heavily in this election, says one political expert.