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  1. Plastic pollution is a major problem in the Philippines, which is frequently isted among the

    Philippines' Duterte warms to idea of banning plastics

  2. Known as "ghost gear", abandoned fishing objects make up a significant volume of plastic

    'Ghost' fishing gear: The rubbish haunting ocean wildlife

    Far out in the South Atlantic Ocean, invisible to the South African coastline, diver Pascal Van Erp surfaced with an abandoned lobster cage ...
  3. Hotel toiletries

    Commentary: Removing toiletries from hotel rooms won’t save the environment

    InterContinental Hotels Group plans to switch miniature toiletries for bulk products, but it isn't likely to do as much for the environment as ...
  4. India to ban single-use plastics | Video
    Media playtime

    India to ban single-use plastics | Video

    India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to announce a country-wide ban on single-use plastic items on Oct 2. This is expected to pile ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: A woman drinks tea in a plastic cup at a roadside tea stall in Ahmedabad

    India shelves plan on countrywide ban on single-use plastic products

    India has held off imposing a blanket ban on single-use plastics to combat pollution, officials said on Tuesday, a measure seen as too disruptive ...
  6. Piles of garbage lie in front of rubbish bins in Rome

    Rome offers free metro travel for plastic recyclers

    Rome is trying to become more environmentally friendly by offering free metro tickets to travellers who recycle plastic bottles using machines set ...