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  1. file photo of plastic bottles

    Humans consume 'tens of thousands' of plastic pieces each year

  2. A men works in the recycling of plastic bags at CoopFuturo, a sorting collective which receives

    Plastic polluter: Brazil recycles 'almost nothing'

    Standing among sacks of used supermarket shopping bags, soft drink bottles and detergent containers, Evelin Marcele is scornful of Brazil's ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Plastic waste is piled outside an illegal recycling factory in Jenjarom, Kuala Langat

    Malaysia, flooded with plastic waste, to send back some scrap to source

    Malaysia, which has become the dumping ground for the world's plastic waste, will send back non-recyclable plastic scrap to the developed ...
  4. blue recycling bin

    Commentary: Recycling makes you feel less guilty but doesn’t change how huge our plastic problem is

    Singapore’s focus should be on reducing recycling needs and prioritising efforts that encourage a less consumerist lifestyle to reduce greenhouse ...
  5. Bushfires are common in Australia's arid southeast but spread far into the tropical northeast

    Commentary: Guess how many countries are meeting their climate change commitments

    Feel-good promises are easy politics, but they don’t actually help the planet
  6. A stranded whale with plastic in his belly is seen in Wakatobi

    Plastic found in deepest ocean animals

  7. FILE PHOTO: Greenpeace holds a demonstration against plastic waste at the Heroes Square in Budapest

    Commentary: Why stop at straws and bags? Let's move away from single-use plastics

    Land-based pollution from single-use plastic demands a global response, says environmental law professor at the University of Idaho Anastasia ...