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    Ep 2: Plastic Wasteland

    In 2018 China stops importing recyclables, creating global chaos and flooding Southeast Asian countries with unwanted plastic. For Indonesia, ...
  2. A man wears a plastic bag on his head during an environmental activists

    Commentary: Thailand gives up plastic bags yet leaves rampant consumerism intact

    Environmental consciousness in Thailand tends to romanticise its natural heritage rather than think pragmatically about its future, says an expert.
  3. Spoiled paradise: Plastic waste in Lampung Bay, Indonesia

    Commentary: Recycle or reduce waste? Why Southeast Asia’s ocean plastic pile has no easy answers

    A great number of reasons are fuelling a great deal of ocean plastic, says Tim Hill.
  4. FILE PHOTO: A man on a boat collects plastic materials from dirty water in Dhaka

    Bangladesh to ban use of single-use plastic in hotels and restaurants

    Bangladesh's High Court on Monday ordered the government to ban single-use plastics in coastal areas and in hotels and restaurants in one year to ...
  5. NTU scientists turn plastic waste into useful chemicals | Video
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    NTU scientists turn plastic waste into useful chemicals | Video

    Scientists at Nanyang Technological University have found a way to turn plastic waste into a valuable chemical that can be used to generate ...