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  1. Notre-Dame in Paris

    'No risk' of lead poisoning from Notre-Dame, assures Paris

  2. Patients at the Port Dickson Hospital, Bernama

    24 students treated for pesticide poisoning in Port Dickson

  3. Chemical leak at Johor electronics factory

    Chemical leak at Johor electronics factory

  4. A factory in Pasir Gudang

    Malaysia authorities seal off 3 illegal factories in Pasir Gudang

  5. Clownfish eggs are attached to the side of shallow-water rocks, which means -- in an area, say, near

    Light pollution puts Nemo's offspring at risk

  6. File photo of city of Wuhan, China

    China city puts incinerator project on hold after protests: Report

  7. The number of premature deaths attributed to air pollution in China is 2.8 million deaths per year,

    China's war on pollution could boost solar power: Study