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  1. Noise should be treated as a "major global pollutant," a new study says, citing its impact

    Man-made noise a 'major global pollutant': Study

    It is well known that human hubbub can have a negative impact on some animals, but a new study Wednesday says the noise we make should be treated ...
  2. Air pollution in India

    India's Finance Commission likely to reject US$12 billion package to help utilities cut pollution: Source

    India's Finance Commission has told the power ministry that its proposal to award utilities 835 billion rupees (US$11.6 billion) in incentives to ...
  3. Dr. Dhiren Gupta, a pediatrician, demonstrates to his patient Akshra Quereshi how to use a spacer d

    Delhi's schools to reopen next week, parents wary of hazardous air

    Schools in India's capital New Delhi will reopen on Monday after closing for two days due to a spike in pollution levels, but air quality is ...
  4. Vehicles drive among the smog in New Delhi

    Trapped and helpless: How families are fighting Delhi's pollution horror

    When a toxic smog darkened the skies over the Indian capital last weekend and air pollution peaked to its highest levels this year, Nabeela ...
  5. Each winter the post-harvest burning of crop stubble covers swaths of the region in toxic smog

    Scores of Indian farmers arrested over polluting fires

    More than 80 farmers have been arrested in northern India for starting fires that contributed to the recent pollution crisis in New Delhi and ...
  6. Known as "ghost gear", abandoned fishing objects make up a significant volume of plastic

    'Ghost' fishing gear: The rubbish haunting ocean wildlife

    Far out in the South Atlantic Ocean, invisible to the South African coastline, diver Pascal Van Erp surfaced with an abandoned lobster cage ...
  7. India's top court ordered a complete halt to stubble burning around Delhi as a lethal smog

    India's top court orders halt to stubble burning as Delhi chokes

    India's top court has ordered a complete halt to stubble burning around Delhi, a major contributor to lethal smog that on Tuesday kept the ...
  8. Air pollution in India

    Key facts behind Indian capital's toxic smog

  9. A poisonous haze envelops New Delhi every winter, caused by vehicle fumes, industrial emissions and

    Millions in Indian capital endure 'eye-burning' smog

    Millions of people in India's capital started the week Monday choking through "eye-burning" smog, with schools closed, cars taken off the road and ...
  10. India Gate in New Delhi is pictured through a choking smog that has blanketed the capital

    Indian capital Delhi gasps under choking smog

    India's capital New Delhi was enveloped in heavy, toxic smog Sunday - the worst levels in recent years - with flights diverted or delayed as ...