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  1. Debris on a beach on Cocos Islands

    Remote island beach plastics point to greater waste problem

    The world may be seriously underestimating the amount of plastic waste along its coastlines, researchers said on Thursday (May 16) as they ...
  2. Mexico City is naturally prone to air pollution: it is surrounded by a ring of mountains that often

    Mexico City extends pollution alert, cancels school

  3. The blaze that destoyed Notre-Dame's roof released large amounts of toxic lead particles that

    Officials warn of lead pollution risks after Notre-Dame blaze

    The fire that ravaged the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris last month released lead particles that have settled in potentially dangerous amounts in ...
  4. Canal in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam to ban polluting cars from 2030

  5. Pasir Gudang chemical poisoning Kim Kim River

    Second Singaporean man charged in Pasir Gudang chemical dumping

  6. blue recycling bin

    Commentary: Recycling makes you feel less guilty but doesn’t change how huge our plastic problem is

    Singapore’s focus should be on reducing recycling needs and prioritising efforts that encourage a less consumerist lifestyle to reduce greenhouse ...
  7. A woman walks at the site at the pesticide plant owned by Tianjiayi Chemical following an explosion

    France's Suez says to help China improve chemical industry safety after blast

    China has asked French utility Suez SA to help the country's efforts to tackle underlying safety issues in its massive chemical sector after a ...
  8. Tokyo road

    Japan's 2017/18 CO2 emissions drop to 8-year low

  9. shoe runner file

    Commentary: Running a marathon in one of the world's most polluted cities

    Research fellow at Lowy Institute Rodger Shanahan ran a marathon in Cairo and shares his experience dodging traffic jams and distracted taxi ...