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  1. Go-Jek driver

    Commentary: The ubiquity of cameras and social media fuels unhealthy mob behaviours

    The viral Go-Jek video shows how the prevalence of cameras and our human desire to share is leading us to share things to invite judgement, says ...
  2. In Singapore, Grab cut driver incentives after its merger with Uber.

    The Big Read: Private-hire drivers face roadblocks as they seek way out of once-lucrative industry

    Private-hire drivers, dogged by meagre incentives and earnings, face difficulties in finding another job as many have few transferable skills.
  3. Grab Singapore

    The Big Read: When the music stops, Uber-less reality hits commuters and drivers

    Uber's exit and Grab’s subsequent moves in light of its new-found dominance have left many feeling hard done by.
  4. New Content Item

    Regulations for private-hire car industry under review

  5. New Content Item

    ComfortDelGro Taxi to ramp up hiring for PDVL, TDVL training

  6. An Uber driver cleans his car as his cell phone shows the queue to pick up passengers departing Gua

    The uncomfortable view from an Uber driver’s seat

    The ride-sharing group faces its biggest challenge to date – keeping its drivers, some of whom sleep in their car to make ends meet, says the ...