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  1. Naval officers pay their respects during a remembrance ceremony for the crew of the KRI Nanggala

    Chinese navy to help Indonesia salvage sunken submarine

    Chinese navy ships have arrived off Bali to help haul up a submarine that sank last month killing 53 crew, the Indonesian Navy said Tuesday as it ...
  2. Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala 402

    Commentary: Submariners face huge challenges underwater - where there's no margin for error

    Dealing with 12 hours a day on watch and the need for high operational readiness, submariners have a hazardous career, says James Goldrick.
  3. Indonesia Submarine

    Commentary: Indonesia submarine tragedy exposes painful realities of international rescue operations

    The tragic loss of KRI Nanggala lays bare the limits to international cooperation on submarine rescue, says RSIS’ Collin Koh.