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  1. Former US senator Christopher Dodd (L) was asked by Biden to travel to Taipei this week, in the

    US envoy assures Taiwan relations are 'stronger than ever'

    Relations between Taiwan and the United States are "stronger than ever", an envoy for President Joe Biden said Thursday during a visit to the ...
  2. Taiwanese coast guard looks at a sand-dredging ship with Chinese flag in the waters off the Taiwan-

    Commentary: How China will try to subdue Taiwan – without firing a bullet

    The US is once again warning that China might invade Taiwan, but a more gradualist approach by Beijing seems more likely, says Christian Le Miere.
  3. The US State Department said it is moving to make contacts easier with Taiwan

    Defying Beijing, US loosens restrictions on Taiwan contacts

    The State Department said Friday it will make it easier for US officials to meet Taiwanese representatives, defying pressure from China amid high ...