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  1. NIP Singapore ivory

    Singapore considering ban on sale of ivory

    The implementation details of a ban, including an engagement process with relevant stakeholders, are currently being worked out, says Minister of ...
  2. Singapore Parliament

    Parliament to discuss faulty lifts, private-hire cars, oil spill impact on Feb 20

    Two Members of Parliament also want to know if authorities will set a threshold in terms of the number of complaints before culling animals or ...
  3. Asia Default Image

    Prince William issues dire warning on animal extinction

    With its growing class of wealthy elites, Vietnam has become a main market for rhino horn and ivory and a key transit route for the smuggling of ...
  4. Vietnam ivory destruction

    Vietnam destroys huge ivory, rhino horn cache

    The ivory and rhino horn trade is officially banned in Vietnam, but its use in traditional medicine and for decoration remains widespread, ...
  5. Snow leopards awww

    Hundreds of rare snow leopards illegally killed every year: Study

    An estimated 221 to 450 snow leopards were killed annually since 2008 despite bans in 12 Asian nations where they live, according to an ...
  6. Asia Default Image

    2 tonnes of ivory seized in Vietnam

    Although ivory trade is banned in Vietnam, the country remains a top market for ivory products prized locally for decorative and medicinal purposes.
  7. pangolin

    Laos failing to curb illegal wildlife trade: Monitor

    The illegal trade in pangolins, helmeted hornbills and other wildlife products is thriving in Laos, a monitoring group said Friday (Sep 23), ...