Migrants' Diary

Migrants' Diary

Migrants' Diary OT

In “Migrants’ Diary”, migrant worker diary entries and poems entwine the stories of two tenacious migrant workers who persevered to succeed in Singapore.

Sarowar is a safety supervisor from Bangladesh who has a passion for construction site safety because he once witnessed a fellow worker fall off a tall ladder and get seriously injured. Raj is a dormitory supervisor from India whose empathy with migrant workers stems from having been taken advantage of by his first employer in Singapore. Both of them rose up to leadership positions through determination, merit and good fortune. Now they volunteer their time to assist fellow migrant workers.

A foreign labourer’s experience in Singapore is challenging. Their struggles with homesickness, heartache and fatigue are encapsulated in the poetry of Bangladeshi migrant worker Md Sharif Uddin. Observational and poetic, the documentary is a window into a seldom heard and little understood segment of Singapore society.

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