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Brad Bowyer resigns from Progress Singapore Party after controversial Facebook post

Brad Bowyer resigns from Progress Singapore Party after controversial Facebook post

Brad Bowyer, who was an election candidate in the 2020 General Election, has resigned from the Progress Singapore Party. (Photo: Facebook / Brad Bowyer)

SINGAPORE: Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member and former election candidate Bradley Bowyer resigned from the party on Wednesday (Aug 11) after controversy surfaced over one of his social media posts. 

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Mr Bowyer wrote: "Singapore is now us and them ... God help our nation!" This was accompanied by a photo with words that referenced Nazi Germany. Several people objected to this, making their views known in the comments section of his post.  

Responding to the comments, Mr Bowyer also defended his position against COVID-19 vaccination and the differentiated measures for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated - views that he has been vocal about online.

On Wednesday afternoon, he wrote another post saying he will not back down from his views but will quit the PSP.

"I understand that some of my views are diverging from Progress Singapore Party’s positions, and so I have a choice to make," he wrote. 

"I believe Progress Singapore Party has massive value to add, indeed it's clear from the recent National Day speech by the PM that changes in thinking and policy are already being influenced by it, so in that respect, I do not want to give anyone the chance to derail their good work."

He added: "By the same token I will not let keyboard warriors derail me from my position on how badly this crisis has been handled and how it is affecting so many people whether they like it or not."

Mr Bowyer contested as a PSP candidate in Nee Soon GRC in the 2020 General Election. His team of five went up against a People's Action Party team led by Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam.

"I will always be grateful for the support I got both from within and outside the party, the platform they gave me, the space they gave me, the guidance they gave me, and the chance I had to be part of something special, hopefully the beginnings of what will become a new government, one with the people’s needs and concerns at its heart but for the good of the party our paths now have to diverge," he said in his Facebook post.

Source: CNA/hm(gs)


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