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Cherry Discotheque says club manager kicked in head, hit with queue pole after group denied re-entry

Cherry Discotheque says club manager kicked in head, hit with queue pole after group denied re-entry

Screengrabs showing a fight outside Cherry Discotheque at 133 Cecil Street early on May 7, 2022. (Video: Facebook/Hebe Duanphen Lim)

SINGAPORE: Patrons who were denied re-entry to Cherry Discotheque "due to their behaviour" started acting violently and started a fight, the club said on Wednesday (May 11). 

A club manager was also hit with a queue pole and kicked in the head during the altercation. 

Responding to queries from the media, Cherry Discotheque said a group of patrons had exited the club at about 1.30am on Saturday to smoke. 

They were then asked to queue to be readmitted, as the premises were at maximum capacity. 

"After approximately waiting in queue for about 10 minutes, the group began raising their voices at our staff who were helping to man the queue and facilitate re-entry," the club said.

The club added that the group claimed they deserved priority as they had booked a sofa - one of the more premium tables at the nightspot. 

After being told that all guests were "treated equally" and they would have to wait until there was sufficient space, the group then began verbally abusing the club's staff. 

"We explained the situation to them but the group continued to shout at our staff aggressively and demanded for the managers to come forward," said a Cherry Discotheque spokesperson. 

As patrons waiting to reenter the club "started to look frightened", one of the managers then decided to refuse entry to the group because of their behaviour, the nightspot said. 

"Our staff informed the person whom the reservation was under that we were unable to re-admit them given their behaviour towards our staff," Cherry Discotheque said. 

"We invited him back into the club to claim the belongings of his group of friends, and refunded them for their unconsumed beverages."


The club said other members of the group were unhappy with the situation and started acting violently, pushing other patrons, knocking over queue poles and throwing punches at some staff members.

"The bouncers retreated and closed the door because they were afraid that the group would enter and attack other patrons as well," the club said. 

After being hit by a queue pole in the head, Cherry Discotheque said its manager walked away from the group and tried calling the police.

"However, before the call could go through, he was assaulted by another member of the group," the club stated, noting that two other members of the group came over to kick the manager in the head while he was lying on the ground.

"A female patron tried to cover the manager’s head in a bid to stop the attack, but the group continued kicking the manager’s head," said Cherry Discotheque, adding the group then walked away. 

Another employee called the police as the manager was being assaulted, while other staff members - who were previously inside the club - were made aware of what was going on and proceeded upstairs to help to control the situation, the nightspot said. 

Cherry Discotheque told CNA that a few of its employees had to be medically assessed after they were injured. 

"One of the managers who suffered attacks to his head had to get stitches behind his ear, and was advised to go for further checks with a specialist," said a club spokesperson. 

The manager went to the accident and emergency department that night and visited a brain and spine specialist earlier this week, the club said, without giving further details. 

While waiting for the police to arrive, the group came back and started attacking Cherry Discotheque's staff again, the club said. 

"In order to defend themselves and the patrons in the queue, the bouncer threw the queue pole to create a distance between the group and the club.

"The actions taken by our staff were made purely out of self-defense and for the protection of themselves and our patrons," said the nightspot. 

The group had left the scene when the police arrived. 

“Our goal at Cherry Discotheque is to provide a safe and fun environment for people to enjoy good music and drinks responsibly. The well-being of our patrons and staff are most important to us," the club said. 

Footage of the brawl outside the popular nightspot at 133 Cecil Street was widely shared on social media. 

Videos posted by Facebook user Hebe Duanphen Lim showed men throwing queue poles and chairs at others at the entrance of the club. One man could be seen wrestling another to the ground. 

The police said in a news release on Tuesday that five men, aged between 20 and 59, were arrested for rioting.

Two others, aged 21 and 30, were sent to the hospital. Police investigations are ongoing.

Source: CNA/az(zl)


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