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GE2020: PAP’s Amy Khor faces PSP’s Gigene Wong in Hong Kah North SMC

GE2020: PAP’s Amy Khor faces PSP’s Gigene Wong in Hong Kah North SMC

People's Action Party's (PAP) Amy Khor and Progress Singapore Party's Gigene Wong will be running for Hong Kah North SMC. (Photos: Ruth Smalley)

SINGAPORE: Senior Minister of State for Health and the Environment and Water Resources Amy Khor will contest the Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) Gigene Wong in Hong Kah North SMC in the General Election.

Their candidacies were confirmed on Tuesday (Jun 30) at the nomination centre at Jurong Pioneer Junior College.

Dr Khor, 62, has been MP for Hong Kah North for several terms, representing the area when it was a GRC in 2001 and 2006, and continuing to stand in the SMC after it was carved out in 2011.

In her speech, Dr Khor thanked the residents and asked them to vote for her to overcome challenges to build “a better Hong Kah North”.

PSP’s Ms Wong gave her speech in Mandarin and English, saying she has returned to Singapore and is with the residents. She said she would move to Hong Kah North if she is elected.

“If I am elected you can find me anytime,” she said.

Speaking to reporters after her speech, Dr Khor said she feels "very privileged and honoured" to contest in the SMC again, and said it "has really been a pleasure" serving there for the past 18 years.

She said that "these are really challenging and trying times", and that her team has been reaching out to vulnerable people and seniors during the COVID-19 outbreak.

She added that this election campaign "is really very different from any other that I personally have experienced", but maintained that "we ... have to adjust our way to reach out and engage".

"But of course, these boots on the ground, really walking the ground, doing visits, walkabouts, house visits, we continue, because we need to ensure that we reach out to everyone and obviously there are some seniors who are not online, the vulnerable, and we want to have a better understanding of their needs."

Asked about the lack of supporters at the nomination centre due to this year's rules, Dr Khor said things have been "surreal for a while", including in Parliament, where Members of Parliament are seated apart and in masks.

"But I know that even though ... the supporters are not here, they are with me in spirit," Dr Khor added.

PSP's Ms Wong did not address the media for interviews after the nominations were announced.

However, she arrived earlier in the morning with supporters, including her twin sister, and spoke briefly to reporters in Mandarin.

She said that if she is elected, she will move to Hong Kah North and be with the residents there. "They will be able to find me. I won't be uncontactable," she added.

Ms Wong spent 20 years working and living in China, with roles in multinational corporations.

She previously said that she heeded a call by PSP founder Tan Cheng Bock to return to Singapore and enter politics.

There are about 28,000 voters in the constituency. Dr Khor clinched 74.76 per cent of the vote in the 2015 General Election against the Singapore People's Party's (SPP) Ravi Philemon. SPP said it was not returning to contest the SMC, as it wanted to avoid three-cornered fights.

This is PSP's first electoral outing, after Dr Tan founded the party in March 2019.

Source: CNA/ll(ta/mi)


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