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GE2020: PAP’s Tin Pei Ling faces PPP’s sole representative Goh Meng Seng in MacPherson SMC

GE2020: PAP’s Tin Pei Ling faces PPP’s sole representative Goh Meng Seng in MacPherson SMC

Incumbent Tin Pei Ling (left) from the People's Action Party will face Goh Meng Seng (right) from the People's Power Party in MacPherson Single Member Constituency. (Photos: Ang Hwee Min, Try Sutrisno Foo)

SINGAPORE: The single seat of MacPherson will see a straight fight between the People’s Action Party (PAP) incumbent Tin Pei Ling and opposition figure Goh Meng Seng from the People’s Power Party (PPP).

Both candidates successfully filed their nomination papers at Kong Hwa School on Tuesday (Jun 30). 

This is Ms Tin’s third General Election representing MacPherson. 

“This election is about your lives, your jobs, your future and who has the best ability to help you during this difficult time. Please let me serve you and MacPherson,” said Ms Tin in her balcony speech after her candidacy was confirmed. 

In the 2015 General Election, she won the seat in a three-cornered fight with the Workers’ Party (WP) and the National Solidarity Party (NSP), garnering 65.58 per cent of the vote.

"We've pushed for a lot of upgrading programmes, so that for our residents, whether they're staying at home, whether it's moving around in MacPherson and the community, it is safer and much more accessible," Ms Tin said. 

Noting Mr Goh's experience as an opposition figure, Ms Tin said she would do her "utmost" to defend her MacPherson seat, and will not underestimate her opponent. 

Mr Goh previously contested in Tampines GRC in 2011 as leader of NSP, and in Aljunied GRC in 2006 with WP.

“MacPherson voters, you can get all you want from the PAP and the PA. But you must remember, who can represent you and your interests in CPF, HDB and health are policies in the debate. Thank you,” said Mr Goh in his balcony speech. 

MacPherson SMC is the only constituency the PPP is contesting. The party fielded candidates in Chua Chu Kang GRC in 2015, but garnered just 23.11 per cent of the vote against the PAP.

Touching on hot button issues like CPF and healthcare costs, Mr Goh said: "How can Ms Tin raise all these problems in Parliament? She is wearing white. The fact is, she cannot criticise such policies. 

"The root cause of all we face in MacPherson will be the problems that all Singaporeans will face in the future."

Mr Goh called on voters in MacPherson to give him "the voice" and "the power" to represent their views on these issues in Parliament. 

"We have to take care of the elderly, in terms of healthcare. But we look forward for our future," he added.

"This system cannot go on. We will be all bankrupt if we allow this to go on for another 30 years." 

Source: CNA/ac


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