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GE2020: PAP's Ng Chee Meng congratulates WP's Sengkang team on election win

GE2020: PAP's Ng Chee Meng congratulates WP's Sengkang team on election win

PAP's Sengkang team in GE2020 (from left to right): Ng Chee Meng, Raymond Lye, Lam Pin Min, Amrin Amin. (Photo: Raymond Lye)

SINGAPORE: The leader of the defeated People's Action Party (PAP) team for Sengkang GRC, Ng Chee Meng, on Saturday (Jul 11) congratulated his Workers' Party (WP) opponents on their victory in the 13th General Election.

Mr Ng, who is labour chief, headed the PAP team which includes political office-holders Lam Pin Min and Amrin Amin, as well as new face Raymond Lye.

They lost with 47.87 per cent of the vote against the WP's 52.13 per cent. 

"Congratulations to the Workers' Party team in Sengkang. I hope residents will be ably served by them in the new term," said Mr Ng in a Facebook post.

He added that it has been "wonderful" walking the ground in Sengkang town and speaking to residents in the past few weeks.

"The smiles, the welcoming hellos and especially the kids that I met really warmed my heart," said Mr Ng.

Reiterating what he said in the wee hours of Saturday after the results were announced, Mr Ng wrote that the PAP's Sengkang team will "evaluate and regroup to see how we can do better".

"In the days to come, we will spend some time looking at what may be the plan for the future," he added.

It was one of the largest upsets for the PAP this General Election. 

The WP’s victory in the newly formed Sengkang GRC marks the first time that an opposition party will hold two GRCs. The WP also held on to Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC, winning a total of 10 seats in Parliament. 

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Mr Ng previously represented Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, part of which was carved out to form Sengkang GRC along with the former single seats of Sengkang West and Punggol East.

"For those that voted for us, I humbly thank you for the trust and support for the PAP team," said Mr Ng.

"A heartfelt thank you to all the different volunteers and activists who have walked the journey with us. You have done your best, you can hold your head up high."

In a Facebook post, Dr Lam also thanked residents, community leaders and party activists for their support, saying it has been his "greatest privilege and honour" to have been able to serve in Sengkang West for the last 14 years.

He urged Singaporeans to give the PAP Government their support to navigate challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Many lives will be affected. I pray that all Singaporeans will put all our differences aside, come together as One People, and give PM Lee Hsien Loong and his team your fullest support to see us through this difficult and trying period," said Dr Lam, Senior Minister of State for the health and transport ministries.

The People's Action Party (PAP) team contesting in Sengkang GRC led by Ng Chee Meng, arrive at St Anthony's Canossian School on Jun 30, 2020. (Photo: Hanidah Amin)

Mr Amrin, who was from Sembawang GRC, said it has been an "honour" to serve in Parliament in the last five years, while new candidate Mr Lye thanked residents for "the time and grace you've shown me and my PAP teammates over the course of this election campaign".

"I respect the election results and will like to congratulate the Workers' Party team on their victory. It was a good fight," Mr Lye added.

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The winning WP team comprises Ms He Ting Ru, Dr Jamus Lim, Ms Raeesah Khan and Mr Louis Chua Kheng Wee.

A day after the election, Ms Khan said she is honoured to have earned the chance to represent Singaporeans in Parliament. 

"Thank you for believing in us, our values, our vision for Singapore," she wrote on Facebook.

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"But we will not stay in our comfort zones. We will continue to demand for transparency and accountability. We will continue to work for a diverse and inclusive Singapore. A fair and equitable Parliament. A party that continues be a voice for the voiceless. We will stay grounded and we will go forward together," she added.

After the results were announced, Dr Lim had thanked voters, promising that they will "work for a brighter future for Sengkang and Singapore".

Ms He, who led the Sengkang team, thanked voters for their "leap of faith".

"We will work hard to make sure that this trust is not misplaced," she added.

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Source: CNA/jt(gs)


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