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Jail for woman who plotted Hari Raya revenge attack and scalded siblings with hot water

Jail for woman who plotted Hari Raya revenge attack and scalded siblings with hot water

The trio attacked a man and his sister at a flat in Spooner Road in July 2018. (Screengrabs: YouTube/Fiona Poh)

SINGAPORE: A woman who masterminded a plan to take revenge on a pair of siblings and poured scalding water on them was sentenced on Tuesday (Oct 13) to a total of about five years and four months' jail.

Norhayati Jaffar, 37, pleaded guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt by a heated substance and three drug-related charges including consumption of methamphetamine. Another three charges were taken into consideration.

The court heard that Norhayati held an open house and Hari Raya celebration at her home on Jul 7, 2018, where a friend showed her a clip of her younger brother being assaulted by one of the victims and his relatives.

Angered by the assault on her brother, Norhayati hatched a plan to take revenge on the victims, both of whom featured in the video: Muhammad Faizal Omar, 29, and his 27-year-old sister Nur Farahtika Omar.

She invited the siblings to her home on the pretext of having an open house and Hari Raya celebration, saying she had something urgent to talk to them about.

She roped in her other brother, Muhammad Bakhtiyar Jaffar, 35, and her friend Nurhanifah Juma'at, 28, in her plan for revenge.

On Norhayati's instructions, Nurhanifah boiled a kettle of water before the siblings arrived.

At about 12.30am on Jul 8, 2018, the victims arrived with a few other people, and Norhayati locked the gate behind them.

She and Bakhtiyar then assaulted the two siblings while Nurhanifah filmed the attack on her phone. The siblings' two friends ran out of the flat soon after it began.

Norhayati poured the hot water onto Ms Farahtika's neck, back and ear, before striking her neck with the jug so that she fell to the ground, and hit her with a bamboo stick.

Bakhtiyar pummelled and kicked Mr Faizal, who was curled up in a foetal position. Ms Farahtika then managed to escape, but the assault continued on her brother.

Norhayati used the bamboo stick to strike Mr Faizal all over his body, before pouring hot water from the kettle onto his body, causing him to jump up and scream in pain.

He fled the unit, but his assailants followed, with Nurhanifah continuing to film.

The police were later called in, and Mr Faizal was found with 4.5 per cent total body surface area second degree burns, while his sister also sustained second degree burn injuries.

Norhayati also pleaded guilty to drug-related offences. She had failed to present herself for urine tests for 47 occasions after being placed under a supervision order from April 2017.

She was arrested after being observed behaving suspiciously on Apr 4 last year, and her urine sample contained methamphetamine.

When the Central Narcotics Bureau conducted a house visit at her home in March this year, she was again tested and found to have consumed meth.

Nurhanifah had been sentenced in January last year to a year and three months' jail for her role in the attack, while Bakhtiyar was given 10 weeks' jail earlier this year.

Source: CNA/ll


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