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Man gets jail for punching poodle and hitting it with a hanger in 'inhumane and vicious' case

Man gets jail for punching poodle and hitting it with a hanger in 'inhumane and vicious' case

A screenshot from the video of the abuse. (Photo: Facebook/Brenda Tan)

SINGAPORE: A man who was shown abusing a whimpering dog in a viral video taken by his cousin was given eight months' jail and banned from owning pets for a year on Thursday (Oct 7).

Clement Chia Tian Xiang, 42, pleaded guilty last month to four counts of abusing the brown poodle between October 2016 and November 2017.

The judge said the acts of cruelty committed on an innocent dog were "not only inhumane and vicious", but noted that Chia "derived a sadistic pleasure from tormenting the dog".

He had a look of "happiness and satisfaction" when he saw the dog suffering in pain and anguish from the acts of torture, said the judge.

The court heard that Chia bought the brown toy poodle named Leslie in 2016 for S$2,000.

Six clips were previously shown in court depicting Chia hitting the animal with a hanger, punching it and blowing a fan at it when it was wet. The dog's mouth or legs were bound in most of the clips, and it could be heard whimpering.

The offences came to light only in July 2020, when videos of the abuse went viral on Facebook, alarming viewers and prompting reports to the authorities. 

The dog was given to Chia's ex-girlfriend in 2017 and was said to be well at a previous court hearing.

Chia's lawyer said his client was nursing a mental condition and that his father died around the time of the offences, affecting his judgment.

The judge said a strong deterrent was necessary in the case, calling the offences "abhorrent".

Chia's cousin was fined S$4,500 in July for failing to stop the abuse.

For each charge of cruelly treating an animal, Chia could have been jailed up to 18 months' jail, fined up to S$15,000, or both.

Source: CNA/ll(rw)


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