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Two perfume manufacturers fined for illegally discharging toxic waste into public sewers

Two perfume manufacturers fined for illegally discharging toxic waste into public sewers
A Google Street View of Givaudan's Woodlands office.

SINGAPORE: Perfume and fragrance manufacturers Takasago International (Singapore) and Givaudan Singapore were fined a total of S$9,000 for illegally causing the discharge of toxic industrial waste into the public sewerage system, PUB said in a press release on Wednesday (May 18).

Takasago International (Singapore) and Givaudan Singapore had wrongfully engaged AJ Jetting, a general waste collector, to collect and dispose sludge at the Jurong Water Reclamation Plant, said PUB.

"Sludge from oil interceptors is classified as toxic industrial waste and must be collected for proper disposal by licenced toxic industrial waste collectors.

"Both companies had also discharged trade effluent containing prohibited substances from their premises into the public sewerage system," PUB said. 

Takasago and Givaudan's offences were discovered between January and February last year while PUB was investigating illegal dumping activities by general waste collectors.

Investigations also revealed that AJ Jetting was not aware that the sludge it had collected from Takasago and Givaudan was toxic industrial waste.

AJ Jetting’s permit for disposing general waste at PUB’s Water Reclamation Plants was revoked and PUB also issued a stern warning to remind AJ Jetting that it must verify any collected waste to ensure that it falls under the purview of what they are authorised to collect and dispose.

"The permit was only reinstated after AJ Jetting fulfilled conditions stipulated by PUB, which include implementing appropriate monitoring devices on their waste collection tankers," PUB said. 

Takasago was convicted on two charges and fined S$5,500 on Sep 7, 2021, while Givaudan was convicted on one charge and fined S$3,500 on Apr 19, 2022.

“Used water is a precious resource in Singapore - every drop of used water is collected through an extensive network of sewers to be treated for reuse,"  said Mr Maurice Neo, director of PUB’s Water Reclamation Network.

"Illegal discharges of toxic industrial waste into our sewers are irresponsible acts that can disrupt the used water treatment process at the Water Reclamation Plants, and endanger the health and safety to our workers maintaining the system," he added.

Source: CNA/fh(aj)


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