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The designer phone cases we're dreaming of getting our hands on

Calling: your overdraft.

As much as we want to deny it, we are all glued to our phones.

Therefore, when it comes to our style hierarchy we're less likely to be judged for our shoes, and more likely by the 5-inch design on our phone case.

Back in the day, a Nokia phone case would probably set you back no more than a fiver, but for the latest designer selection, you're looking at anything up to $1,300. Jaw-dropping, we know.

However, anything that gives us that 'OMG I need that now' feeling often comes at a price, so we'll be counting our pennies until we get our hands on one of these dreamy babies. After all, you're are only as cool as your designer phone case.

1. Louis Vuitton

Enter the most luxurious case of the season from Louis Vuitton that doesn't even list the price.

Despite the presumably steep price tag, the 'Eye-Trunk' case was seen a lot around Fashion Week as the fash pack carried them around like handbags.

With its iconic monogrammed canvas and what looks like pretty protective gold detail we can see why it's the fashion accessory of the season.

Louis Vuitton, Eye-Trunk For iPhone 7; price upon request.

2. Dolce & Gabbana

From chic and simple to colourful creations, they have a case to suit everyone... it will just set you back a cool $424.

Dolce & Gabbana, Printed silicone iPhone X case; $197.95

Dolce & Gabbana, Amore iPhone X case; $366.80

3. Fendi

Flocked with Karl Lagerfeld's iconic double 'F' logo in fuzzy black velvet and with a window that lets you take all the selfies you can muster, Fendi's monogrammed phone case is a snip at just $675.80...

Fendi, Flocked leather iPhone X case; $675.80

4. Stella McCartney

Pastel pink sharks, humorously large lips, rainbow clouds?? We can't decide which Stella McCartney phone case is the cutest, we just know we need them, like, now.

Stella McCartney, Pink shark silicone iPhone 7 case; $84.30

Stella McCartney, Rainbow pink silicone iPhone 7 case, $103

5. Gucci

Unsurprisingly Gucci's cases are as snazzy and expensive as you might expect. Think quilted leather adorned with the iconic double 'G' gold monogram and Gucci' signature printed canvas covered in gold bees.

It might be more than our weekly wage, but to be part of the Gucci gang we're willing to splurge.

Gucci, Quilted leather iPhone 7 case; $570.65

Gucci, Printed coated-canvas iPhone 7 case; $431.30

6. Moschino

Coming in at a bargainous under $108.26, Moschino's super fun phone cases are the accessible way to dip your toe into designer. Embrace your inner pop artist with these Lichtenstein and Warhol-inspired comic book designs.

Moschino, Fantasy Print iPhone 8 Case; $74.90

Moschino, Pop Art iPhone X Case; $92.10


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