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The fine jewellery collections that scream attitude

Gold and diamonds with a rebel-chic twist.

Here’s a question: If you’ve set aside enough cash to spend on high-end jewellery, what kind of design would you pick? More often than not, a woman will say “something classic”.

But here’s the other thing — classic, in the world of fine jewellery, doesn’t always have to mean understated, feminine and dainty. 

If you’ve got a penchant for bold accessories and would much rather make a statement with your jewellery than let it be a secondary element of your daily outfits, then your hard-earned money should be going to these outstanding pieces below that are iconic designs by some of the most popular of jewellers and fashion houses. 

Until the day you can afford a ticket into the ultimate realm of haute jewellery at least (a girl can dream).

Juste un Clou, by Cartier. The “Just A Nail” (what its French name means in English) collection is proof that great designs stand the test of time. As modern as it looks, the Juste un Clou line was actually designed way back in 1971, by the same person who also created Cartier’s ultra-popular Love jewellery, Italian designer Aldo Cipullo. Hardware seems to be a running theme for cool accessories, and a highly successful one at that for Cartier.
Chaîne d’ancre Punk, by Hermès. Whether boldly pierced through a cuff bracelet or strung on chain links, the safety pin takes centrestage here. There’s nothing subtle about this Pierre Hardy-designed collection — the creative director of Hermès jewellery takes inspiration from the biggest punk-movement symbol that is rebelliously displayed on clothing and in body piercings.
Coco Crush, by Chanel. Like the Boy Chanel bag, the Coco Crush line of jewellery is made for uptown girls who dress with a downtown edge. They are both not quite classic Chanel, yet bear all the signatures that mark it as a piece from the house of Parisian chic. In the case of this chunky range of jewellery, it’s definitely that unmistakable quilted etching and a trademark material — beige gold, a precious metal of a colour somewhere in between that of yellow and pink gold, which is a nod to Gabrielle Chanel’s obsession with the
Tiffany HardWear, by Tiffany & Co. Who knew that gauge links, padlocks and ball bearings could look so attractive on jewellery? Only Tiffany & Co.,which originated from New York, and set out to encapsulate the spirit and energy of the city in this collection of urban-industrial chic. There’s more to love about HardWear — it’s available in sterling silver options, which give it the advantage of accessibility.
B.zero1, by Bvlgari. The spiralled ring that’s inspired by the Colosseum is an eternally contemporary statement among the icons of luxury jewellery. There’s actually a whole line of 1 jewellery comprising bracelets, earrings and pendants, in addition to the much-coveted ring. While the collection has welcomed reinterpretations over the years (and a new spokesperson, Bella Hadid), one thing about it has never changed — its immediately identifiable lines and bold, modern edge.


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