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How to dress fashionably, according to Anna Dello Russo

The editor slash trendsetter’s advice is surprisingly easy to follow.

Anna Dello Russo’s wardrobe is anything but ordinary, and she’s got the pictures on Instagram to prove it. A powder-pink Oscar de la Renta gown? She’s worn it. A blinding gold skin-tight dress by Peter Dundas? She’s rocked it.

Thanks to her impressive wardrobe, the 56-year-old fashion editor and front-row fixture has become one of the highly recognised street-style stars. And judging from the countless street shots of her, the cameras and her 1.5 million Instagram followers all love her colourful outfits.

Earlier this year, Russo decided to auction off 30 of her beloved and statement-making ensembles. “I wanted to make the fashion dream accessible to a wider audience of young designers,” Russo tells us. This wish led to a partnership and auction with Austrian jewellery label Swarovski. The auction profits were donated to the Swarovski Foundation’s initiatives to support emerging design talent.

“As women working in the fashion industry, we believe in promoting the idea of feminine empowerment."

Her drive to help the younger generations in the fashion industry is shared by Nadja Swarovski, a member of the executive board of Swarovski. “Nadja and I are passion-driven and successful creatives who have built our careers on identical, deeply felt values,” shares Russo. “As women working in the fashion industry, we believe in promoting the idea of feminine empowerment. We strongly believe that personal success is a vantage point to help the younger generations.”

In between the ongoing fashion weeks, Russo shares with us her thoughts on nurturing fashion’s future generations, tips on dressing to impress, as well as the future of fashion magazines and brands. 

Why is it important to support young fashion talents?
Anna dello Russo (ADR): 
I strongly believe that it’s fundamental to support young fashion talents because they represent the future of the fashion system, and I like to think that with my initiative, I’ve made some dreams come true.

Your outfits are often extremely eye-catching. What are your tips on dressing fashionably?
My most important tip on dressing fashionably is to break rules. There are some traditional style rules that are so deeply ingrained in us that we don't even realise how much we conform. I want to break every rule, and I’m not afraid to rock a full-on evening gown at the crack of dawn.

Tell us your inspiration behind the Atelier Swarovski by Anna Dello Russo collection, which is now available in Singapore.
I created especially for Swarovski a series of regal pieces that are sophisticated as they are dreamy. They are designed to turn the wearer into fairytale princesses. The collection consists of two sparkly sets, and they include a pair of drop earrings, a tiara, and a statement necklace. There are also a striking royal ribbon sash, and four baroque crystal brooches to complete the lineup. The inspiration comes from classic royal portraiture mixed with a sense of pop. I like the idea of having the freedom to wear a crystal-encrusted crown in your daily life.

You’re a fashion editor, street-style star, fashion and jewellery collector/designer…what are your career tips for women who wish to excel in their jobs?
My tip is to strongly believe in your skills, to follow your own passion with discipline and precision, and keep looking forward.

The fashion industry has been greatly influenced by digital advances in the past decade — how do you see fashion magazines, and fashion brands evolve in the future?
For me, fashion should always look forward. I’m restless and always looking for the new. This new approach of marketing through social media by young designers is really interesting to me because it’s a revolution in fashion.

Now, everything is about being redone in fashion, about being remade. It’s all in the young generation’s hands; this is the era for them. It’s another chapter.


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