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The only skincare "menu" you'll ever need for beautiful skin

The recipe to good skin is a deliciously simple one.

Everyone has that one girlfriend who sips on bird’s nest soup for its supposed skin-healing properties. Eating your way to beautiful skin, however, isn't entirely new, notes Junseong Park, who leads Amorepacific's Heritage Material Research Team.

So it's only logical to add these complexion correctors into our tropical skincare. Amorepacific researchers therefore spent the last 70 years scrutinising plants (think ginseng, beans and green tea), making the Korean beauty biggie one of the pioneers in bottling natural ingredients into moisturisers and serums.

Here, we've created a simple three-step "menu" that promises to help nourish your skin.

According to Amorepacific, our skin can't convert and absorb the active ingredients in ginseng. So Sulwhasoo's scientists decided to break down the good stuff and include them in salves like the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX Light, $298, to revitalise fatigued skin.

Innisfree's Soybean Energy Essence, $54, contains a whopping 91 per cent of fermented soybean extracts that supposedly strengthen our skin's ability to retain moisture for a glowing complexion.

As any beauty buff will know, the quickest way to show listless skin the door is to slap on a mask. Reach for Innisfree's Green Tea Sleeping Pack, $21, which boasts a blend of antioxidant-packed organic green tea and green tea seed oil for hydration.


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