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ZZZ your way to instantly younger skin, overnight!

Your Prince Charming awaits, Sleeping Beauty.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that Sleeping Beauty actually had a pretty good life. Sleeping for a hundred years? Escaping all responsibilities? Maintaining her youthful beauty until she is awoken by a kiss from a handsome man? Girl, if you didn’t want to, we would have gladly taken your place.

Unfortunately, life ain't a fairy tale. After all, we are currently sitting at our desks, chugging coffee while trying not to collapse at our desks. We here at ELLE may not have a prince waiting in the wings, but we do have something else that will help you in your beauty sleep. 

Enter the KENZOKI BELLE DE JOUR DREAM NIGHT MASK, one the most most potent masks on the market that will literally allow you to sleep your way to younger-looking skin.

Now, we all know how sleep is incredibly important for our skin; it’s the downtime we need for cranking out new collagen and restoring the hale and healthy glow of youth. Unfortunately, too little sleep —  combined with stress from work (ugh), pollution (double ugh), and hectic lifestyles (triple ugh) — means most of us go about our day looking like death.

So think of the BELLE DE JOUR DREAM NIGHT MASK as a sleeping aid that will not only elevate your skin’s condition, but restore the beauty stolen from you by the mad rush of your hectic lifestyle.

This night mask maximises the benefits your skin naturally gets from rest by rewarding it with the hydration it craves, as well as repairing any damage your skin suffered over the course of the day.

A treasure trove of age-averting ingredients, like white lotus and the precious Belle de Nuit extract, work in tandem to detoxify and bring balance to the skin, restoring it to its natural beauty in the precious little time you spend snoozing in bed.

Here's a suggestion: Pair it with the other powerhouse products in the BELLE DE JOUR line like the swanky new SACRED LOTUS FACE LOTION and SACRED LOTUS EYE CONTOUR for the most radiant of results.

The range works holistically and as a whole to fend off fatigue and chase away the signs of stress and lack of sleep. 

Bottomline: Looking younger is now so easy, you can do it with your eyes closed!

The KENZOKI BELLE DE JOUR DREAM NIGHT MASK is available at all Sephora Singapore stores and on 


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