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Back to School

23:45 Min
Back to School

Back to School - S1E4: Back To School

16 Oct 2017 08:00am
We're nearing the end of our intergenerational experiment, our seniors and teenagers have become firm friends. But will they show improvements in their mental, physical and emotional health? Will a cross-generational friendship truly pay off?
About the Show

At the start of Term 3 in 2017, 5 struggling secondary school students receive the most unlikely help for the next 10 weeks - they are each paired up with 5 ordinary retirees, all in their 70s & 80s.

Channel NewsAsia wants to find out if a simple friendship can make the old healthier, and the young more confident... But at the very first meeting, problems arise.

83-year-old Bill is disdainful of youngsters - will he warm up to meek but cheerful 14-year-old Kieryon?

And although 79-year-old Nonie is incredibly chatty, will 15-year-old Junhao, who is painfully shy, ever open up to her?

And when all the seniors are so out of touch with school life, how will they find a way to help their young partners?  

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