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Belly Of A Nation

47:06 Min
Belly Of A Nation

Belly Of A Nation - S2E4: Finding Closure

14 Nov 2020 10:00pm
Though food, we witness life’s ups and downs. In the finale episode, meet Weijie, the third generation in a family of fishball makers. He ventures into selling fishball noodles but COVID-19 forced him to hunker down. He re-emerged 3 months later only to be axed once again. Other hawkers in the CBD have to make critical decisions, and one impacts a career that spanned more than half a century.
About the Show

Parent-child, husband-wife, friends, siblings. Hawkers come in all shapes and sizes.

Belly of a Nation steps into the lives of a handful of Singapore hawkers of different generations. Get a glimpse first-hand of their camaraderie, their quarrels and through it all, their unwavering support for each other. The legacies and obstacles faced while trying to sustain their businesses. We pay homage to their mouthwatering treats.

In the first season, we trace how ethnic lines were blurred by roving hawkers in the past. As the first generation stallholders pass on, who is going to carry their torch? We profile some of the brave and intrepid hawkerpreneurs, who despite the odds, believe that they can keep the hawker culture alive.

The second season coincides with the arrival of COVID-19. For 9 months, we track the hawkers’ shock, dismay and determination to weather through this storm. But initial optimism turns to worry, and fear as the months drag out. Will some of them end up folding for good?

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