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Hawkers In Our Centre

48:03 Min
Hawkers In Our Centre

Hawkers In Our Centre - S1E2: Save Hawker Culture. Save Hawkers

22 Sep 2019 04:40am
With veteran hawkers retiring and few young people entering the trade, how can Singapore keep our hawker culture alive? Will we lose part of our heritage?
About the Show

This 2-part documentary series examines why hawkers and hawker centres are such an essential part of the Singaporean DNA.

The series looks at the parallel history between Singapore's development, and the emergence of our hawker culture, with hawkers feeding Singaporeans for over a century to date. Our story starts off with a look at the history, from how early settlers took to the trade, to the urgent construction in the 1970s of our "community dining halls" - the hawker centres.

Hawker culture soon emerged, much to the benefit of Singaporeans from all walks of life. But what about the future of hawker culture? With veteran hawkers nearing retirement, and few among the young generation keen to carry on the traditional trade, the future of Singapore's beloved hawker heritage is looking precarious.

Hawkers, architects, celebrities, artists, a diplomat, and other Singaporeans share stories, ideas, and insights into lesser-known aspects of this unique Singapore way of life.

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