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Lost Waterfronts

47:34 Min

Quirky animation retells some little-known history of  Singapore’s former coastlines and waterfronts which now lie under man-made landscapes like Marine Parade, Changi Airport and MBS.

About the Show

Singapore’s Eastern and Southern coastlines underwent massive reclamation to make room for places like Marine Parade, Changi Airport and MBS. Once, they were part of the sea and they saw a lot of action. This hour-long documentary peels open intriguing stories, now brought back to life with quirky animation. Why did the Dutch and Portuguese battle off the coast of Tanah Merah in 1603, why did the Okinawans come to prewar Siglap and help to create a local food tradition, why was early day Singapore full of ‘mountains’ and how did they get destroyed? 


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