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Love In A Time Of Change

44:02 Min
Love in A Time of Change

Love in A Time of Change - S1E3: Till Politics Do Us Part: Han Suyin & Leon Comber

18 Apr 2018 08:00pm

In 1950s Singapore, the British were no longer welcome, and the great divorce was on the horizon. The relationship of author Han Suyin and British colonial police officer Leon Comber captured the conflict of the Malayan Emergency as Singapore moved towards independence.

About the Show

This series explores history through the lens of personal romances - the tragic and revolutionary, the loyal and long-lasting, and the passionate and divisive. Three true tales of the heart give us new insights into Singapore’s past and the way its attitudes to love and marriage transformed over the course of the 20th century. Milestones in Singapore history are approached through the intimate impact on personal lives. Today, we take for granted the idea of love and love matches, yet things were not always so open, attitudes not always so progressive, and romance not always so easy. 

Each episode focuses on a couple whose relationship crossed boundaries and changed history. These stories are told through a seamless mixture of dramatic re-enactment, period footage and images, and expert interviews to help us approach history through a very different lens.     

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