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Daily round-up, Jul 26: Myanmar denounced for executing political activists; reformative training for girl who assaulted teen with low IQ

Daily round-up, Jul 26: Myanmar denounced for executing political activists; reformative training for girl who assaulted teen with low IQ

From top left to right, to bottom left and right: Protesters outside the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok demonstrating against the Myanmar military junta's execution of four prisoners (Photo: AFP), photo illustration of an assault about to take place (Photo: iStock), file photo of voting in Singapore (Photo: CNA), illustration of how poop can be used for a gut microbiome transplant (Art: Jasper Loh)

Let's get you caught up on the day's top stories.

ASEAN denounces Myanmar's 'highly reprehensible' executions

ASEAN has rebuked Myanmar's junta over the execution of four political activists. The 10-member bloc says the executions are destructive to efforts to de-escalate crisis. 

"The implementation of the death sentences just a week before the 55th ASEAN ministerial meeting is highly reprehensible," says Cambodia, this year's ASEAN chair.

Malaysia's Foreign Minister called for Myanmar to be barred from attending international ministerial level meetings. 

The men were executed for aiding "terror acts" by a civilian resistance movement. 

A junta spokesperson says the executed prisoners deserved "many death sentences".

Singapore Elections Department to pilot portable lap booths for nursing home voters, QR code envelopes for overseas Singaporeans

The Elections Department earlier collected feedback on the pilot from political parties, nursing home operators, overseas Singaporeans and members of the public. 

Concerns about the proposed nursing home pilot included ensuring voting secrecy and determining whether residents have the mental capacity to vote.

For bed-to-bed polling, a portable lap booth will be provided so that voters can mark their ballot papers shielded by the front and sides of the booth.

Key concerns raised by overseas voters include the security and secrecy of the ballot.

The department will implement safeguards such as unique QR codes on each return envelope so only those with valid codes will be accepted.

Girl who joined week-long group assault on victim with low IQ gets reformative training

A 16-year-old girl who joined a week-long group assault on a teenage boy with low IQ has been sentenced to at least one year of reformative training. 

The girl slapped and kicked the victim in the assault, which was recorded on video. She also urinated into a bottle of iced lemon tea and asked the victim to drink it.

The victim was found with a brain injury, as well as with chemical and cigarette burns.

Your poop in capsules: Why this could be the key to solving your future health problems

The same waste that your body produces can now be extracted, processed and banked – and used as a gut microbiome transplant.

Studies have linked poor gut microbe diversity to conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and obesity.

A gut microbiome transplant may also potentially be used to deal with conditions such as allergies, metabolism and dementia.

Source: CNA


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