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  1. Singapore socialite recipes

    After Dalgona coffee and banana bread, try recipes from Singapore's social set

    From nasi goreng to slow-cooked egg with truffled potato, the little red dot’s most prominent hosts and hostesses share their favourite ...
  2. Luxe face creams

    Circuit breaker self-care: 7 nourishing creams to keep your face game strong

    Consistently using good quality face products during this stay-at-home period can help ensure your skin still looks screen-grab perfect on all the ...
  3. Working from home with your significant other can throw up surprises - and frustrations.

    Commentary: The surprising things you learn working from home with your other half

    Consider the circuit breaker a rare opportunity to spend much needed quality time with your significant other - but only if you figure out how to ...
  4. dog leash

    Commentary: How to walk a dog in Singapore’s time of coronavirus

    The circuit breaker rule disallowing dog owners from walking their pets in condominiums has elicited huge response and understandably so. Still, ...
  5. Willin Low, Janice Wong, Ethan Koh

    Ellen, Gordon Ramsay, J. Lo: Singaporeans and their dream dinner dates

    Six familiar local faces indulge in a moment of whimsy and imagine who they would invite for a meal.
  6. Singapore fashion designers making masks

    COVID-19: How the Singapore fashion community is pivoting to make face masks

    Fashion designers, clothing brands and tailors are joining forces to sew reusable masks for Singapore’s migrant community and healthcare frontliners.
  7. Why designer pens are the latest must-have accessory for the digital generation

    Why designer pens are finding favour among the digital generation

    A coveted status symbol in the 90s makes a comeback as millennials rediscover the tactile pleasure of putting a well-designed pen nib to paper.
  8. Different styles of yoga

    How to choose the right style of yoga for your stay-at-home practice

    A starter guide to the different types of yoga so you can pick one that best suits your fitness level and goals.
  9. Su Yen Wong & Fermin Diaz

    Old Chinatown and satay men: Why this couple collects nostalgic Singapore art

    Su-Yen Wong and Fermin Diez’s collection of paintings by pioneering Singapore artists is their way of safeguarding a piece of the little red dot’s ...
  10. Challenging home workouts Nike Training Club

    No gym? No problem! Try these challenging online workouts at home

    With gyms, exercise studios and stadiums closed as part of Singapore’s circuit breaker measures, fitness junkie Karen Tee test drives some of the ...