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  1. Beef rendang Ovenhaven

    How to make Hari Raya cooking easier: Easy tips from working mums

    You don't have to slave away all day to prepare a festive feast for your loved ones, CNA Lifestyle discovers.
  2. TKC Collective Geylang bazaar Ramadan

    Young entrepreneurs rally to beat soaring Geylang bazaar costs

    The old gotong-royong spirit returns and this time, it means business.
  3. Jayina Chan Nurul Aini Ramadan 2018 collage

    What’s for sahur? Muslim personalities on embracing the elusive pre-dawn Ramadan meal

    Six Muslim personalities tell CNA Lifestyle about their sahur traditions and how to eat healthy for a meal they sometimes can’t keep their eyes ...
  4. Halal mentaiko beef cubes Geylang Ramadan

    Geylang Serai Bazaar trends: Halal mentaiko beef cubes and mee kuah in a bucket

    Sure, there are edible balloons, but as CNA Lifestyle discovers, not everything is bizarre at the bazaar this year.
  5. Maki-San chicken rendang maki

    Break your fast with rendang sushi and chick kut teh this Ramadan

    CNA Lifestyle picks out 10 of the best iftar menus to try with your loved ones this Ramadan. Selamat berbuka puasa!
  6. Fika Cafe food

    Singapore restaurateurs take on halal foreign cuisine

    Fact: Halal food is not just about nasi lemak and lamb kebabs. Fun fact: more and more restaurants in Singapore are catching on.
  7. yio chu kang accident

    3 pedestrians in Yio Chu Kang killed by lorry that 'came hurtling'

  8. Super blue moon Singapore

    A once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence on Jan 31