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    Commentary: K-pop fans should mourn the loss of good music not artistes

    The fall of K-pop mogul Yang Hyun-suk, BIGBANG’s Seungri and more has been hard to stomach, but fans need to keep it together, says CNA’s Hidayah ...
  2. Jayina Chan Nurul Aini Ramadan 2018 collage

    What’s for sahur? Muslim personalities on embracing the elusive pre-dawn Ramadan meal

    Six Muslim personalities tell CNA Lifestyle about their sahur traditions and how to eat healthy for a meal they sometimes can’t keep their eyes ...
  3. Beef rendang Ovenhaven

    How to make Hari Raya cooking easier: Easy tips from working mums

    You don't have to slave away all day to prepare a festive feast for your loved ones, CNA Lifestyle discovers.
  4. Hari Raya kueh quiz 2

    Quiz: Which Hari Raya kueh are you?

    Take the CNA Lifestyle quiz to find out.
  5. Halal noodle restaurant Nuodle

    Where to break fast this Ramadan: 10 best halal eateries sorted by cuisine

    Whether you have a craving for Korean, Japanese, British or even Chinese hotpot or la mian for buka puasa, this list has got you covered.
  6. New Kueh trends to look out for this Hari Raya

    Sambal cookies, Thai milk tea tarts: New kueh trends to look out for this Hari Raya

    Here’s what we predict those kueh jars will be filled with when you go on your rounds this Hari Raya season.
  7. Xiumin EXO

    Xiumin to join the army next month, will be first EXO member to enlist

    The EXO-CBX concerts in Japan this month will be the last major events featuring the 29-year-old.