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Hidayah Salamat

Hidayah Salamat is an editor at CNA Digital. An English and communications major, she has worked in the media industry for 15 years. She is also an active volunteer advocating for women and mental health. Hidayah may be contacted at

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  1. Heart-to-heart with Lee Seung-gi
    Media playtime

    Heart-to-heart with Lee Seung-gi

    Korean singer, actor, variety show host Lee Seung-gi tells Channel NewsAsia's Hidayah Salamat what life in the military was like and how he's been ...
  2. Woman inside a cup of bubble tea drink

    Ode to bubble tea (or why I bought a 3kg bag of tapioca pearls)

    CNA Lifestyle’s Circuit Breaker Diaries series features musings on Singapore life in the time of coronavirus. Here’s something to chew on: An ...