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  1. Malaysian fans at BTS concert

    'We cannot wait for tomorrow': BTS fans gather on eve of K-pop group's Love Yourself concert

    About 200 fans were already gathered outside the National Stadium a day before the concert kicks off.
  2. Marie Kondo commentary header

    Commentary: If you don’t learn to love tidying up, Marie Kondo can’t save you

    Just as you wouldn’t need a doctor to tell you to take a shower, no cleaning guru (or Netflix show) should have to tell you to keep your home tidy.
  3. The Great Seungri album

    BIGBANG's Seungri to hold solo concert in Singapore next year

  4. Beef rendang Ovenhaven

    How to make Hari Raya cooking easier: Easy tips from working mums

    You don't have to slave away all day to prepare a festive feast for your loved ones, CNA Lifestyle discovers.
  5. Jayina Chan Nurul Aini Ramadan 2018 collage

    What’s for sahur? Muslim personalities on embracing the elusive pre-dawn Ramadan meal

    Six Muslim personalities tell CNA Lifestyle about their sahur traditions and how to eat healthy for a meal they sometimes can’t keep their eyes ...
  6. Maki-San chicken rendang maki

    Break your fast with rendang sushi and chick kut teh this Ramadan

    CNA Lifestyle picks out 10 of the best iftar menus to try with your loved ones this Ramadan. Selamat berbuka puasa!
  7. Lee Seunggi

    Return of Lee Seung-gi: 'I'm just going to focus on what I'm good at'

    Fresh out of the military, the popular Korean star has a question for his fans, as CNA Lifestyle finds out.
  8. Mamamoo Singapore fan meeting poster

    K-pop girl group Mamamoo to hold first fan meeting in Singapore

    Ready for a Starry Night? These Korean "beagles" are coming to town.
  9. BTS Singapore Love Yourself tour

    K-pop stars BTS to perform in Singapore in January