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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - Are you ready to sink your teeth into insect-based food?

The Climate Conversations - Are you ready to sink your teeth into insect-based food?
01 Jun 2023 07:14AM
18 mins

Raising chickens and cows to feed the world’s growing population is reaching its limit, says the 24-year-old founder of FlyFeed. His solution? Eating bugs. Arseniy Olkhovskiy tells Julie Yoo what it’s like starting an insect farm in Vietnam and how he is cooking up more ways to get cheap, nutritious, and sustainably grown insect-based food onto your plate. 

The Climate Conversations - How farmers are fighting back against extreme weather

Floods, heatwaves and extreme cold weather can wipe out sizeable amounts of a farmer’s harvest. In the last episode of Surviving the Sizzle, Rabia Sultan, a female farmer from Pakistan, tells Julie Yoo how she stays positive and finds new ways of growing her crops in a climate-stressed world. 

20/09/2023 18 mins

The Climate Conversations - Climate change is the new enemy for militaries: Retired 3-star British general

Soldiers will have to battle scorching heat as climate change wreaks havoc on weather patterns. In our second installment of Surviving the Sizzle, retired three-star general Richard Nugee tells Julie Yoo how armies will have to find new ways to confront climate change on the battlefield. 

13/09/2023 22 mins

The Climate Conversations - 'I lost three firefighters': Australian fire chief on the life-threatening work of combating wildfires

In this three-part series, Surviving the Sizzle, Julie Yoo explores the personal stories of people on the frontlines of battling with extreme heat. In the first episode, she speaks to Chris Hardman, chief fire officer at Forest Fire Management Victoria on the real and present danger of an overheated planet.

06/09/2023 17 mins

The Climate Conversations - Rising heat is worsening mosquito-borne diseases, but could mosquitoes be the solution?

They are tiny but mosquitoes threaten the lives of 40 per cent of the global population. With rising temperatures, mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue are spreading and with potentially deadly consequences. Professor Scott O’Neill, founder and CEO of the World Mosquito Program, says this is humanity’s “biggest enemy” but suggests that the solution might lie with mosquitoes themselves.

31/08/2023 19 mins

The Climate Conversations - Debt-for-nature swaps: Greenwashing or a win-win solution?

It’s a simple idea — reduce a country’s debt burden and put those savings into environmental protection. But how do debt-for-nature swaps actually work in practice? And are they really a win-win solution that benefits both the planet and a developing country’s economic development? Julie Yoo gets some answers from The Nature Conservancy’s Will McGoldrick in this episode of The Climate Conversations. 

23/08/2023 18 mins