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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations - S4E2: The period choice: Single-use pads or reusable options?

The Climate Conversations
27 Apr 2023 07:15AM
12 mins

Nearly 90 per cent of single-use sanitary pads are made of plastic. To keep disposable period products out of landfills, how can more women be convinced to switch to a menstrual cup or reusable cloth pad? Julie Yoo speaks with Gee Ann, co-founder of The Period Co. 

The Climate Conversations - Are you ready to sink your teeth into insect-based food?

Raising chickens and cows to feed the world’s growing population is reaching its limit, says the 24-year-old founder of FlyFeed. His solution? Eating bugs. Arseniy Olkhovskiy tells Julie Yoo what it’s like starting an insect farm in Vietnam and how he is cooking up more ways to get cheap, nutritious, and sustainably grown insect-based food onto your plate. 

31/05/2023 18 mins

The Climate Conversations - Is car-sharing the answer to Singapore’s car-lite ambitions?

Although car sharing has been called the future of mobility, challenges with cleanliness and last mile infrastructure remain. How can car sharing companies close the gap to convince more people to give up buying cars?  Julie Yoo speaks with Kelvin Tay, CEO of BlueSG. 

24/05/2023 14 mins

The Climate Conversations - Your last goodbye, the eco-friendly way

He buries the dead for a living but when Mr Ang Ziqian took over the family business, he set out to find more bio-degradable ways to say goodbye to the deceased. The managing director at Ang Chin Moh Group sits down with Julie Yoo to talk about what makes a funeral ‘green’.

17/05/2023 14 mins

The Climate Conversations - S4E4: Is tidal energy a potential pot of gold for Singapore’s energy needs?

As a Royal Navy officer, Stuart Baird was always fascinated with the power of tidal waves. Now as Bluenergy Solutions' chief technology officer, he tells CNA’s Julie Yoo why tidal energy is more powerful than wind, and more predictable than solar as a source of renewable energy. 

10/05/2023 15 mins

The Climate Conversations - S4E3: A Singapore scientist takes a 60-hour journey to Antarctica to see climate change up close

Losing his luggage and standing on an ice sheet in a t-shirt was not how Professor Benjamin P Horton thought his trip to Antarctica would go. But he and PhD student Tan Fang Yi tell Julie Yoo why they made the trip and why sunny Singapore should care about what is happening on the coldest continent on earth. 

03/05/2023 17 mins