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The Climate Conversations

The Climate Conversations

A brand new season looks past promises and policy and into people and practices in meeting the challenges of climate change. Each week, we talk to experts who help us understand one of the most pressing issues facing humankind.

The Climate Conversations - Restoring Singapore’s coral reefs

Dr Karenne Tun is not just an avid diver and lover of these beautiful creatures, she is also leading an effort to restore Singapore’s coral reefs by planting 100,000 corals along the coast. The director of the National Parks Board National Biodiversity Centre tells Julie Yoo about working underwater, and why more resilient corals in warmer oceans matter to us. 

16/08/2023 17 mins

The Climate Conversations - My Green Gig: Why the weatherman has a tough job

Avester Lau became a meteorologist to uncover the complexities behind the weather. In this limited series My Green Gig, he sits down with host Biogirl MJ to explain why predicting the weather is so difficult for meteorologists and debunks some common myths. 

09/08/2023 21 mins

The Climate Conversations - My Green Gig: Life as a bird conservationist

From travelling to a remote island in the Philippines to spending hours in a lab analysing bird DNA, Movin Nyanasengeran believes he has landed his dream job as a bird conservationist. How do “birders” like him ensure that bird species continue to thrive? In this limited series My Green Gig, guest host Kong Man Jing shines the spotlight on people working in the conservation and environmental sectors. 

02/08/2023 28 mins

The Climate Conversations - Lab-grown diamonds: Are they really better for the planet?

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend. But the love for this stone has also caused detrimental impact on the environment, say its critics. While lab-grown diamonds are hailed as an ethical alternative, are they as sustainable as they claim to be? Julie Yoo puts her questions to Ryan Shearman, CEO of Aether Diamonds. 

05/07/2023 16 mins

The Climate Conversations - Wild boar attacks: Why trapping and fencing alone won’t solve Singapore’s wild boar woes

Having a 100kg wild boar charging at you is no small thing, says ACRES co-CEO Anbarasi Boopal. But beyond managing the number of wild boars, she tells Julie Yoo why human behaviours and urban planning solutions can tackle the root cause of wild boar attacks.  

28/06/2023 21 mins