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Page Turners

Page Turners

Page Turners presents conversations with bestselling authors - from Singapore and the world - discussing their latest novels. Every week Melanie Oliveiro finds out what inspired them to put out their latest works, and how a writer’s life has shifted in a fast-changing world.

Page Turners - S1E7: Forensic pathologist & author Dr Rohayu Adnan is dead serious about her job

What's it like tending to the dead for a living? Dr Rohayu Adnan - one of Malaysia’s leading forensic pathologists – tells Page Turners host and producer Melanie Oliveiro about a job less ordinary, as detailed in her book “A Dead Body Never Lies”.

19/08/2022 19 mins

Page Turners - S1E6: Back-to-office woes? Dr Douglas Gentile helps you take stock of these negative emotions

How do you cope with toxic people and bad personal habits at the post-COVID workplace? Psychology professor Dr Douglas Cheolsoeng Gentile, author of “Finding the Freedom to Get Unstuck and Be Happier”, shares some sound advice with Page Turner's Melanie Oliveiro.

12/08/2022 19 mins

Page Turners - S1E5: Recreating Iron Man's exoskeleton suit and more with physicist & author Dr Suzie Sheehy

Are the over-the-top inventions in Hollywood movies like "Iron-Man" and "Angels & Demons" realistic or hogwash? Page Turners' Melanie Oliveiro gets the answers from physicist Dr Suzie Sheehy author of "The Matter of Everything: Twelve Experiments that Changed Our World".

05/08/2022 19 mins

Page Turners - S1E4: Uncovering closely guarded family secrets with author Teresa Lim

Do your relatives have skeletons in the closet? Well, the family of British-based Singaporean author Teresa Lim did, and she wrote a book all about it. She talks to Page Turners host Melanie Oliveiro about her debut book, "The Interpreter’s Daughter".

29/07/2022 18 mins

Page Turners - S1E3: Murder mystery author Alice Clark-Platts dissects her novel "The Cove"

Alice Clark-Platts, a former Singapore-based expatriate and human rights lawyer, discusses "The Cove" a murder whodunnit novel. It's about a bunch of expats who go on an island getaway - but soon things get violent and deadly. Clark-Platts discusses "The Cove" with Page Turners' Melanie Oliveiro.

22/07/2022 18 mins