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Page Turners

Page Turners - S1E7: Forensic pathologist & author Dr Rohayu Adnan is dead serious about her job

Page Turners
19 Aug 2022 08:28PM
19 mins

What's it like tending to the dead for a living? Dr Rohayu Adnan - one of Malaysia’s leading forensic pathologists – tells Page Turners host and producer Melanie Oliveiro about a job less ordinary, as detailed in her book “A Dead Body Never Lies”.

Page Turners - S1E12: Dr Anjana Chaudhuri's plucky Das sisters solve brutal murders in sunny Singapore

A violent killing brings the Das sisters together. Lily Das, a cafe owner, uses her eatery to scrutinise the suspects. Inspector Dolly Das struggles to solve the case. They join forces with the aim of catching the killer. "A Time for Murder" author Dr Anjana Chaudhuri discusses this and the classic whodunnit formula with Page Turners' producer & presenter Melanie Oliveiro. 

23/09/2022 19 mins

Page Turners - S1E11: So sedap! Author Sharon Wee serves up a rich collection of Peranakan recipes courtesy of her beloved late Mum

Sharon Wee takes Page Turners host & producer Melanie Oliveiro on a Peranakan / Straits Chinese culinary journey via the cookbook 'Growing Up in a Nonya Kitchen'. Whether it's whipping up some 'itek sio' or baking rows of pineapple tarts, each traditional recipe honours Wee's mother whose language of love was best expressed in her tried-and-tested dishes and snacks.

16/09/2022 21 mins

Page Turners - S1E10: Love triangles, curry puffs and the asexual anti-hero as told by debut novelist Pallavi Aney

If you like curry puffs, a strong cuppa kopi and Singapore fiction, then check out “Kopi, Puffs & Dreams” - a tale of two BFFs who set up an F&B empire. But matters of the heart and business wranglings threaten to tear them apart. Author Pallavi Gopinath Aney spills more to Page Turners’ host and producer Melanie Oliveiro.

09/09/2022 18 mins

Page Turners - S1E9: Debut novelist Sandeep Ray's nameless character torn between two worlds

Fleeing bloodshed in pre-Partition Bengal and settling in pre-independence Malaya, "A Flutter in the Colony" by academic Sandeep Ray is an immigrant's tale of tragedy, love and redemption. He tells Page Turners' presenter and producer Melanie Oliveiro about his debut novel's underlying themes. 

02/09/2022 20 mins

Page Turners - S1E8: Bringing pontianaks, monsters & sea witches to life with Gaiman fan Meihan Boey

In "The Formidable Miss Cassidy", Scottish heroine Leda tries her darndest to excel at a governess job in 1800s Singapore. But monsters and vampires insist on getting in her way. Singaporean author Meihan Boey tells Page Turners' Melanie Oliveiro how this award-winning horror-comedy novel came to be.

26/08/2022 18 mins