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Page Turners

Page Turners - S1E2: Putin nemesis and political activist Bill Browder details a bitter feud with the Russian President | Ep 2

Page Turners
15 Jul 2022 03:30PM
18 mins

What’s it like being one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sworn enemies? Political activist and financier Bill Browder – the man behind the Magnitsky laws – tells Page Turner's Melanie Oliveiro about his adrenalin-filled life, as detailed in his book “Freezing Order: A True Story of Money Laundering, Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin's Wrath”.

Page Turners - S1E21: Fake meh? Dive into Kirstin Chen's world of counterfeit luxury handbags

Kirstin Chen went to China to research her novel 'Counterfeit' and soon, Hollywood came knocking in the form of Reese Witherspoon and Sony Pictures TV. Chen, a Singaporean in America, leads Page Turners' Melanie Oliveiro into the fake luxury handbags industry involving some literal partners in crime.

26/11/2022 21 mins

Page Turners - S1E20: Talking family ties - warts and all - with novelist Akhil Sharma

A real-life family tragedy and an unhappy childhood set the stage for the novels of Akhil Sharma, an Indian-American author and professor of creative writing. He speaks to Page Turners host & producer Melanie Oliveiro about seeing the beauty in life’s darkest moments, and meeting readers who are drawn to his writings.

18/11/2022 19 mins

Page Turners - S1E19: Norman Musa - the story of a Penang boy turned British-based celeb chef

Meet Norman Musa - a former quantity surveyor who traded his hard hat for an apron. The Malaysian chef and globetrotting cooking instructor has made a name for himself in Britain. He's also enjoying the international release of 'Bowlful' his second cookbook. Page Turners host Melanie Oliveiro uncovers Musa's recipe for success and which dishes you should attempt at home.

11/11/2022 21 mins

Page Turners - S1E18: Don't be all judgy at the workplace, practice psychological safety instead says Mark Mortensen

Are you able to freely express your ideas at work, ask even the most basic questions and make mistakes without feeling embarrassed or marked for ridicule? If so, your workplace embraces psychological safety. If that's sorely lacking, get some tips from Mark Mortensen, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, as he speaks with Page Turners' host & producer Melanie Oliveiro.


04/11/2022 19 mins

Page Turners - S1E17: Elvis didn't die of a Wooden Heart - it was bad family genes that killed him

Drugs and a fatty diet didn't cause the untimely passing of Elvis Presley the King of Rock & Roll. Elvis' health was plagued by defective genes that doomed him to an early death. Author of "Elvis: Destined to Die Young" Sally Hoedel - who harbours a Burning Love for the music icon - reveals more to Page Turners host Melanie Oliveiro.

28/10/2022 17 mins