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Page Turners

Page Turners - S1E5: Recreating Iron Man's exoskeleton suit and more with physicist & author Dr Suzie Sheehy

Page Turners
05 Aug 2022 04:30PM
19 mins

Are the over-the-top inventions in Hollywood movies like "Iron-Man" and "Angels & Demons" realistic or hogwash? Page Turners' Melanie Oliveiro gets the answers from physicist Dr Suzie Sheehy author of "The Matter of Everything: Twelve Experiments that Changed Our World".

Page Turners - S1E29: Carbon credits, reforestation & the like are a load of bull, so says Assaad Razzouk

Rwanda has banned single-use plastic bags. Other countries - including Singapore - should certainly do the same. Clean energy entrepreneur Assaad Razzouk also discusses the effectiveness and/or futility of 'green activism' like eating plant-based meat, buying carbon credits & reducing air travel. The author of "Saving the Planet without the Bull****" tells it like it is to Page Turners' Melanie Oliveiro. 

20/01/2023 20 mins

Page Turners - S1E28: A byte-sized chat with Jeanette Winterson

Humankind and artificial intelligence (AI) should thrive side-by-side and start saving the planet together. Uploading our consciousness to a super server could mean the end of death. Jeanette Winterson CBE celebrated English writer and author of "12 Bytes" discusses these futuristic topics - including her corner of the metaverse - with Page Turners' Melanie Oliveiro. 

13/01/2023 32 mins

Page Turners - S1E27: How to flush fashion down the toilet & not feel bad about it

Throwaway fashion has never been so literal when it comes to Singaporean adman Jian Yang. His book #FlushableFashion shows you how to drape Barbie Dolls in fabulous DIY dresses. All you need is some toilet paper and you're good to go. Discover how Jian Yang's fast fashion journey started as he speaks to Page Turners host and producer Melanie Oliveiro.

06/01/2023 17 mins

Page Turners - S1E26: A cookbook unlike any other authored by an infectious diseases expert & a comic artist

"The Pandemic Cookbook" dishes out more than just recipes - it serves up the 'ingredients' used to fight and contain the Covid-19 crisis in Singapore. Graphic novel fans will appreciate this book for its beautiful illustrations by Eisner-winning artist Sonny Liew. He teamed-up with infectious diseases expert Dr Hsu Li Yang to tell this tale of sacrifice, ingenuity, bravery and perseverance. 

30/12/2022 16 mins

Page Turners - S1E25: Bad bosses are everywhere - here's what can be done about this scourge says Gallup's CEO

There are many negligent and bad bosses around, so finds the chief of one of the world’s best-known research and polling companies. He's Gallup’s CEO Jon Clifton author of “Blind Spot: The Global Rise of Unhappiness and How Leaders Missed It”. And when it concerns model bosses, Page Turners host Melanie Oliveiro also asks Clifton if he walks the talk.

23/12/2022 24 mins