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  1. German Chancellor Angela Merkel visibly trembled for minutes while standing in the midday sun next

    Merkel says she's 'fine' after trembling spell

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel dismissed concerns about her health after visibly trembling at an official ceremony Tuesday, saying she was just a ...
  2. Could EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, left, be a back-up option to replace Jean-Claude Juncker?

    Summit faces stalemate as Europe haggles over top jobs

    European leaders are expected to clash over Brussels' top jobs on Thursday, as rifts between France and Germany and between the EU parliament and ...
  3. Jeremy Hunt

    UK foreign minister says EU willing to renegotiate Brexit deal

  4. FILE PHOTO: Ralf Stegner speaks during the SPD's one-day party congress in Bonn

    Germany's SPD looks left for alternatives to Merkel coalition

    Leading members of Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) spoke out for a three-way left wing alliance as an alternative to their fragile 'grand ...
  5. Germany's highest office could be within reach for the Greens, led jointly by Robert Habeck and

    Could Germany's next chancellor be 'Green'?

  6. German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends the cabinet meeting in Berlin

    German Greens explore leftist state alliance, in warning to Merkel

    Germany's Greens have proposed holding coalition talks in the city state of Bremen with the Social Democrats and far-left Linke, in a reminder to ...
  7. Merkel responded to Federation of German Industry criticism over  "faint-hearted" policies

    German industry blasts 'faint-hearted' Merkel coalition

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a broadside from a powerful industry federation on Tuesday, adding to the woes of her coalition ...
  8. Merkel has said her government will fulfil its mandate

    Merkel denies coalition instability despite SPD crisis

    Germany's Social Democrats could end up deciding if the country faces snap elections, the leader of Angela Merkel's party said Monday, after her ...
  9. EU summit following the EU elections in Brussels

    Germany's Greens shoot into first place in poll, overtaking Merkel's conservatives

    The Greens have overtaken Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives to become the most popular party in Germany, an opinion poll released on ...
  10. German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered the keynote speech at Harvard University's 368th

    World must do all 'humanly possible' on climate change: Merkel

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday urged the world to do "everything humanly possible" to combat climate change and pledged to do her part.