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  1. Orangutan, which was seized from the Thailand-Malaysia border 3 years ago, looks from a cage before

    Smuggled orangutans start new life after repatriation to Indonesia

    A pair of critically endangered orangutans, rescued from smugglers on the Thai-Malaysian border in 2017, have arrived in Indonesia to undergo ...
  2. Roboagro robot feeds pigs while playing classical music on a farm in Brazil

    Amid pandemic, orders soar for Brazil robot that feeds pigs playing classical music

    Orders for a Brazilian pig-feeding robot, which plays classical music while dispensing meals, soared this year as farmers strove to cut costs amid ...
  3. A baby Asian elephant goes on public display at Ueno Zoological Gardens, about a month after he was

    Tokyo zoo unveils first elephant born there in 138 years

    Japan's oldest zoo unveiled the first baby elephant to be born there since its founding more than a century ago, and asked the public for help in ...
  4. One of the top 10 viral videos on YouTube in 2018, from YouTuber Nastya, with 850 million views.

    ‘He’d physically hit me’: What lies behind those child and animal viral videos

    Ever watched videos of children performing a feat, or funny cat videos? Some of their creators go to great lengths you may not have imagined. The ...