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  1. Thousands of pigs have died in more than a dozen regencies across North Sumatra over the past three

    Cholera kills over 27,000 pigs in Indonesia

    More than 27,000 pigs have died in a hog-cholera epidemic that has struck Indonesia, with thousands more at risk, an animal welfare official said.
  2. Nepal

    Thousands of animals sacrificed in Nepal Hindu ritual amid outcry

  3. polar bear

    Spray-painted polar bear sparks alarm in Russia

  4. Tourists with penguins in Antarctica

    In Antarctica, tourists swim among penguins

  5. Kan, a male tiger, is seen in his temporary enclosure at the zoo in Poznan, Poland on November 6

    Rescued tigers get Spanish safe haven

    Five of nine tigers that narrowly survived a gruelling journey across Europe will be moved to a new home at an animal refuge in Spain after ...
  6. rescued sheep

    Romania tries to rescue thousands of trapped sheep on capsized ship

  7. red panda in tree

    French zoo finds runaway red panda