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  1. FILE PHOTO: An employee of software company Nuix stands in their office located in central Sydney,

    Autism in the workplace: A spectrum of hiring choices

    Like many transplants to Chicago, Chris Easton needed to adjust to winter after moving from Atlanta to take a job as a database engineer at the ...
  2. Alief 1

    ‘They are all winners in our eyes’: How being judged in SYF alongside mainstream schools helped Pathlight students build confidence

    This year’s Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation was opened up to all special education schools for the first time – and they were held to ...
  3. A woman wears Google glasses after a media presentation of a Google apartment in Prague

    Google glass helps kids with autism read facial expressions

    Children with autism may have an easier time reading facial expressions and navigating social interactions when they use Google Glass paired with ...
  4. New Content Item

    One in 40 US kids have autism, parent survey finds

  5. Google Glass

    Google Glass may help kids with autism read facial expressions

  6. professor brawn 1

    Social enterprise cafe Professor Brawn opens at Raffles Institution

    The cafe, which was officially opened on Wednesday (Jul 18), is the first to reopen after the brand was donated to the Autism Resource Centre in ...
  7. Dancing with autism 1

    Best foot forward: How a simple dance performance changed these students with autism

    Students from St Andrew's Autism School collaborated with Boon Lay Secondary School for a dance performance that made them more confident to put ...