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  1. O-Level results: Seeing students do well is a proud, satisfying moment for Pathlight teachers

    Results day at Pathlight School marked a jubilant end to the roller-coaster ride these two teachers faced in guiding students with autism through ...
  2. My First Skool apologises after K2 boy with autism goes missing

  3. Son needed a special school, so they set up one for youths like him

    She gave up her a corporate career and learnt how to be a special needs educator. Now she and her husband provide a safe place for some 200 Muslim ...
  4. Sesame Street to tackle autism with new muppet

    The public television children's program is introducing a new character, a muppet named Julia who has autism, the show's creators revealed on the ...
  5. Autism study shows lasting benefits of early interaction

    A year-long training programme to help parents communicate with their very young autistic children reduced symptoms of the disorder up to six ...
  6. Commentary: The story that almost didn’t get told

    My perception of what’s “normal” changed after meeting a 17-year-old-boy with mild autism, writes Lam Shushan - but not before I nearly quit on him.
  7. Demand up for special needs swimming classes

    Parents and swim coaches Channel NewsAsia spoke to cite the importance of such classes for children with conditions like autism.
  8. Pathlight student-designed dino pouch sold out

    About 200 dinosaur pouches - which cost S$14.80 each - were sold in a day, compared to 200 in four months, after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's ...
  9. Pathlight-designed pouch showcased by Ho Ching during State Visit

    Madam Ho Ching was seen carrying the dinosaur-imprint pouch at the arrival ceremony at the White House South Lawn. .