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  1. File photo child using iPad

    Early exposure to digital devices leads to behavioural issues in children with developmental problems: Singapore study

  2. Student at Pathlight School

    Three new special education schools to open for students with autism to meet growing demand

  3. Barista Jin from Panya Cafe

    Barista with Down Syndrome becomes social media sensation in Thailand

    In a small roadside café of Bangkok, a barista with Down Syndrome works hard to fight social stigma and show what people with learning ...
  4. Every Wednesday, Countdown supermarkets dim the lights, silence background music, restrict PA

    New Zealand retailer launches 'quiet hour' for autistic shoppers

    New Zealand's largest supermarket chain has introduced a "quiet hour" to help make shopping less overwhelming for people with autism and other ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Temple Grandin poses backstage at the 62nd annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles

    Different minds: Temple Grandin on nurturing autistic workers

    During the past five decades, Temple Grandin's visually indexed mind, a key feature of her autism, helped make her a leading animal researcher.
  6. vitamins

    Vitamins, omega-3 supplements may improve autism symptoms

  7. New Content Item

    Genetics play bigger role in autism risk than environmental factors

  8. New Content Item

    Mothers' work with solvents tied to higher autism risk for kids

  9. FILE PHOTO: An employee of software company Nuix stands in their office located in central Sydney,

    Autism in the workplace: A spectrum of hiring choices

    Like many transplants to Chicago, Chris Easton needed to adjust to winter after moving from Atlanta to take a job as a database engineer at the ...