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  1. NYT Art for TikTok resume

    Young job hunters are sending resumes on TikTok instead

    Feeling limited by LinkedIn, some Gen Z-ers are now applying for jobs using TikTok resumes. And employers are paying attention.
  2. The Pulse Thumbnail
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    26 Apr 2019: How to have a successful and fulfilling career

    Many adults wonder how to avoid burnout at work while still keeping their career in the fast lane.
  3. Man working at laptop in kitchen looking tired

    Commentary: My imposter syndrome was a weakness, until I turned it into my strength

    Imposter syndrome gets a bad reputation, because it convinces us we’re frauds and don’t deserve our success. CNA's Grace Yeoh asks, what if we ...
  4. Thinking of starting your own business? Here's what you need to know

    Thinking of starting your own business? Here's what you need to know

    Budding entrepreneurs can tap into a font of social, intellectual and financial capital from their families when striking out on their own – it ...
  5. women workplace istock L

    Gender equality at work: What Singapore companies are doing for women

    Is my manager biased against me? Will I still get that long overdue promotion if I get pregnant? From job openings to moving up in your career, ...
  6. pandemic hobbies

    What is your pandemic hobby? For some, it's making money

    In trying to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people found solace in a new pastime. A few have found profit.
  7. women in office Unsplash mimi thian_mod

    Feeling envious about your successful colleague? That could be a good thing

    Measuring our own achievements against others’ can fuel our ambition – but it might also cause chaos. The Financial Times’ Jo Ellison weighs the ...
  8. Singapore workers-raffles

    Commentary: Being a 'sell-out' was the best decision I made for my career

    The idea of ‘selling out’ carries a bad reputation, implying we’ve gone against our values for money. But where did we get such an extreme idea, ...
  9. woman impostor syndrome pexels

    'Am I good enough?': It's time for women to banish imposter syndrome

    It's not all in your head and the #RealDeal campaign wants to get more Singaporeans talking about it and supporting one another through it.
  10. SG 40 Over 40 women

    Life can start after 40: How these women in Singapore can inspire you

    The inaugural Singapore: 40-Over-40 list celebrates women above 40 years of age who inspire us to live better and go beyond being ordinary – ...