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  1. Bethlehem welcomes pilgrims for Christmas celebrations | Video
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    Bethlehem welcomes pilgrims for Christmas celebrations | Video

    Pilgrims from around the world are gathering in the biblical city of Bethlehem, revered by Christians as the birthplace of Jesus, to celebrate ...
  2. Protesters queue for a free Christmas dinner offered by a local restaurant in Hong Kong

    'We're all family now': Protesters gather for free Christmas dinner in Hong Kong

    Hundreds of anti-government protesters and their supporters gathered outside a tiny restaurant in Hong Kong for an unconventional Christmas ...
  3. Christmas celebrations in Hong Kong were marred by sporadic clashes between the police and

    'It doesn't matter if it's Christmas': Hong Kong activists keep up protests

    Hong Kong anti-government protesters marched through several shopping malls chanting slogans on Wednesday (Dec 25), a day after violent clashes ...
  4. Home Alone 2 Donald Trump

    Trump says it was an 'honour' to appear in Home Alone 2

    Several scenes for the 1992 movie was shot at his New York hotel – and he was very helpful to little Kevin.
  5. Austronauts track Santa AFP

    ‘He’s over India’: US astronauts help track Santa's delivery route

    This year, there’s a website live-tracking his present-filled sleigh pulled by nine reindeer.
  6. Most Meaningful Christmas Gifts

    Singapore’s lifestyle mavens share their most meaningful Christmas gifts

    As Cynthia Chua, Jeremy Nguee and others share, it’s not always the most expensive items that are the most cherished.