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  1. A photo illustration shows a coffee reflected in a coffee machine after it was made for a customer

    Caffeine in pregnancy tied to childhood weight gain

    Pregnant women who drink lots of coffee and other caffeinated beverages may be more likely to have kids who are overweight than mothers who limit ...
  2. NYT Coffee Workout

    Can coffee rev up your workout? It may depend on your genes

    Whether you are a fast or slow metaboliser of caffeine can determine whether it helps or hurts your athletic performance.
  3. Coffee latte levy

    UK government resists 'latte levy' in bitter blow for campaigners

  4. durian coffee

    Penang durian coffee: 2 more consumers test positive for drugs

  5. Durian coffee

    2 more admitted to Penang hospital after drinking MyCafe white coffee

  6. Coffee

    Five taken to hospital after drinking durian coffee mix in Penang

  7. cockroach in coffee machine

    Cockroaches common in some types of coffee machines: Experts

    Cockroach infestations are common in coffee machines at F&B outlets in Singapore, pest control companies told Channel NewsAsia, with one saying ...